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28 - 29 Nov 2014 - Chateau Status, Nicosia, Cyprus

Throughout the twentieth century, Europe and its neighbourhood have experienced various forms of conflict forming a nearly complete cycle, from war to cold war, to economic warfare, now to war again through the crises in Europe's periphery. This conference attempts to study some of the new or emerging sources of conflict for the wider European region and vicinity. At the same time, it aspires to bring the two geographical and partly cultural extremes together, from northernmost Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean and discuss a variety of new challenges, from energy security and migration, to economics and issues posed by conflicts in Europe's neighbourhood. This way, the South-Eastern European region will be exposed to broader European debates, while regional considerations will be reaching a wider audience.



03 Dec 2014 09:00-17:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​In the face of increasing threats associated with organized criminal activity and the narcotics trade, Latin American countries are taking increasingly assertive steps to address urban violence. Going beyond a simple understanding of violence as a structural issue, and recognizing the failures of the ‘war on drugs’, new approaches frame urban violence as states of exception that require military and humanitarian responses.

04 Dec 2014 11:30-13:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​​Welcome to a seminar on Conflict Trends, with former PRIO Director Dan Smith​, who is the author of the ​Atlas of War and Peace.

More information about this seminar will follow.

05 Dec 2014 08:30-10:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​​This seminar on approaches to radicalization will start with a key note presentation by Claire Dwyer (University College London, UK), focusing on British experiences and reflections on identity development among Muslim youth in the context of increasing public focus on radicalization. 

Comments will be provided by researcher Therese Sandrup (The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment), advisor on extremism Shoaib Sultan (Norwegian Centre Against Racism) and professor Katrine Fangen (Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo), after which there will be time for questions, comments and discussion. 

A light breakfast will be served.

08 - 12 Dec 2014 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​​​​​This course provides an introduction and overview to a range of research methods in critical security studies. Its aim is to provide tools and methods to students of critical security studies in support of clear research design and rigorous scholarly methods. Lectures and discussions will emphasize reapplication of classical scientific research questions for the field of critical security studies: sufficient proof, critical position, and coherency of argument, reshaped and reapplied to these four principles.

10 Dec 2014 13:30-15:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​​​Welcome to a panel discussion with Luke Patey, author of "The New Kings of Crude" and PRIO Global Fellow, Dr. Luka Biong Deng (TBC).

More information about this event will follow.


11 Dec 2014 08:30-16:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

Over the last number of years, humanitarian innovation has become a key focus for donors, policymakers and humanitarian actors.  At the same time innovation is also a central objective of a host of Norwegian institutions, including PRIO, Innovasjon Norge/NOREPS, the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  However, so far, there has been little dialogue between the various actors. The first half of this seminar brings together Norwegian humanitarian organizations, academia, government organizations and the private sector to discuss needs and possibilities in humanitarian action. The second part of the seminar brings together Norwegian-based academics interested in humanitarian innovation.

Participants are welcome to attend either only the morning session or the full day. Please inform us upon registration whether you will only attend the first session or both sessions.


The programme for the event is available here. 

18 Dec 2014 09:00-11:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

​This seminar engages critically with the questions about religion and development in Pakistan, asking what roles religion is playing in the Pakistani society, and how this is and is not related to different conceptions of development. Following the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Malala Yousafzai (and Kailash Satyarthi) heightened attention is being paid to the possibility for girls to get an education in Muslim societies, as well as to children's rights more broadly. Yet the question of the different roles religion plays in any society – in politics, in economic and social development, is one which is highly context dependent on the historical and political landscape of each society. Through a focus on Pakistan – this seminar contributes with a perspective on a particular geographic, social and religious context – through the eyes of leading Pakistan experts engaging in a panel debate.

18 Dec 2014 17:30-20:00 - PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

foto av rahma plakat.jpg 

​Through the research project Private Islamic Approaches to Poverty Reduction funded by the Research Council of Norway we have learned about charitable practices and motivations among Muslims in the greater Oslo area. We have conducted semi-structured interviews with 50 individuals, and engaged informally with many more, who have shared their personal experiences, reflections and engagement for the poor, for a better world, in various ways associated with their faith. This is an event open to the public, but where we are especially interested in engaging with persons with a background from Pakistan or other Muslim societies, who are willing to provide us with critical and constructive feedback on our preliminary research findings. In the course of conducting our research, we have come to realize that Islamic charity is a well hidden secret in Norway, whether globally or within the Norwegian society.

Recent events

25 Nov 2014 08:30-10:00 Terror og risikokommunikasjon
24 Nov 2014 13:00-15:00 Peace and a New Constitution Matters for Every Nepali
23 Nov 2014 08:30-15:30 Advancing Women’s Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan
21 Nov 2014 10:00-13:00 Armed Conflict and Maternal Health
19 Nov 2014 12:00-13:30 War and State-Building in Afghanistan
18 - 20 Nov 2014 Fourth High-Level Seminar on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Processes
13 Nov 2014 16:00-18:00 Police Reform and the Rocky Road of Democratization in the Arab Spring
Sat, 08 November 2014 International Conference on Gender, Empowerment and Conflict in South Asia
Thu, 06 November 2014 Gender, Empowerment and Conflict in South Asia
31 Oct 2014 08:30-10:00 Gender Based Violence in War and Conflict – Approaching and Assisting Survivors
28 Oct 2014 09:00-10:30 NATO and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda – Achievements and Challenges