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Steven Pinker Visit
News - 16. March 2012

Steven Pinker Visit

​Steven Pinker visited Oslo this week, with lectures at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, as well as at the University of Oslo (co-hosted by PRIO). Pinker also visited PRIO for an informal discussion with PRIO researchers, particularly those that have worked on the collection and analysis of the conflict data to which he refers frequently in his recent book on the decline of violence.

​This visit was very well received by the Norwegian media, with interviews (e.g. in daily Aftenposten), and feature articles (e.g. in weekly Morgenbladet), and an appearance on the Scandinavian talkshow Skavlan Friday night.

Below is Nils Petter Gleditsch' introduction of Steven Pinker for the talk at the Academy of Science.

The Oslo events were not filmed, but the lecture is very much similar to another recent public lecture accessible here.

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