Excursions and social events

While most of the lectures are held at the University campus, excursions and social events are also a central part of the course. Possible excursions include trips to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRIO, the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Peace Center. The University of Oslo website has more information about the social and cultural events included in the International Summer School program.

The Cabin Trip

At the beginning of the course, the students and course coordinators go on a three-day excursion to a cabin in the forest to the north of Oslo. It is a nice 2 hour walk through the woods to the cabin and a 2 hour walk home from the cabin. This is an opportunity for students to enjoy Norwegian nature, and to become better acquainted with each other and discuss issues relevant to the course. A seminar on conflict resolution and peace building by the Nansen Balkan Dialogue Network will be given on days one and two.

Students are walking towards the cabin in the forest north of Oslo.