Student Stories

These are what some of the previous students attending the summer school had to say about their experience...

"Early in the course we were split into groups that should work together throughout the course on a paper. I was very negative in the beginning, as I have never liked group work that much. It was also a struggle to cooperate and make one paper in a group with four people from very different parts of the world. But in the end, we managed and I learned so much from it. Doing such a work together was an incredibly instructive and useful exercise."
"Our lecturers were very competent and I was always impressed by their knowledge. Some of those had been to the field and told us stories about conflict resolution in practice – one even from my own country, Sri Lanka. That was fascinating!"
"Lectures was interesting, but I think one of the things I learned the most from, was listening to and discussing with the other students in class. Some of us have similar experiences, though we come form totally different parts of the world. And then it was interesting to hear what others at my own age felt and thought about the issues we discussed in class."
"It was weird to sit in a setting where the conflict in my own country, in Israel, was discussed by outsiders. I didn’t necessarily agree with them, and I got a bit upset at first. But I now realise that there are different sides of the story that might be just as correct and legitimate as my own story."
"I am so glad I took this course! And to be here in Norway! I am glad I travelled all the way from the US."
"I am not used to speaking English, at least not to discuss in English! So it was hard. But I improved my English – in Norway!"