Bård Drange

Doctoral Researcher

Bård Drange
Mobile phone: +4795475353
Twitter: @BardDrange

Research Interests

My main research interests relate to conflicts, including issues of peace and justice and conflict management/resolution. Also interested in conflict dynamics, external involvement, armed/insurgent/jihadist/violent extremist groups.

My doctoral research concerns the balance between peace and justice, and focuses on issues of transitional justice, reparations, amnesties among others. I have also previously conducted field work in Colombia on the internal armed conflict.

I have also researched the EU’s capacity for crisis response, UN/AU peace operations and issues of governance/conflict in the Sahel, notably Mali.



Fluent: Norwegian, English, Spanish.

Advanced: French.

Professional background

2017-2019: Junior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.


2009-2011: International Baccalaureate at United World College-USA, New Mexico, USA.

2011-2014: Bachelor in International Politics and History - Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. 

2013: Exchange semester at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

2014-2017: MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo, Norway.

(Gap year 2015-2016; intern at Norwegian Embassy in Malawi and language learning/travelling Colombia.)