Cyanne Loyle

PhD Candidate

Cyanne Loyle
Cyanne Loyle left PRIO in 2008. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Binningsbø, Helga Malmin; Cyanne Loyle; Scott Gates & Jon Elster (2012) Armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Justice, 1946–2006: A Dataset, Journal of Peace Research 49(5): 731–740.

Conference Paper

Binningsbø, Helga Malmin & Cyanne Loyle (2014) Justice during armed conflict from 1949 through 2011: A new dataset, presented at International Studies Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 26–29 March 2014.
Binningsbø, Helga Malmin; & Loyle, Cyanne 2011 Offers of Justice and Peace: Bargaining and Justice Processes during Conflict, presented at The Potential Role of Transitional Justice in Ongoing Conflicts, , 14 November.