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Soft Politics and Hard Choices: An Assessment of Turkey’s New Regional Diplomacy by Rebecca Bryant and Mete Hatay. PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 2/2013 Download here

The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios by Ayla Gürel, Fiona Mullen and Harry Tzimitras PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 1/2013 Download here



Cyprus Offshore Hydrocarbons: Regional Politics and Wealth Distribution Faustmann, Gürel and Reichberg (eds) PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 1/2012 English Greek Turkish

Legacies of Violence and Overcoming Conflict in Cyprus: The Transitional Justice Landscape by Umut Bozkurt and Christalla Yakinthou PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 2/2012 Download here

Women's Peace in Cyprus: Recommendations of the Gender Advisory Team (GAT) on Implementing UNSCR 1325 Provisions on Women, Peace and Security , PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 3/2012 English Greek Turkish

Other Reports:

Displacement in Cyprus - Consequences of Civil and Military Strife

Report 1: Life Stories: Greek Cypriot Community by Olga Demetriou. English Greek Turkish

Report 2: Life Stories: Turkish Cypriot Community by Rebecca Bryant. English Greek Turkish

Report 3: Legal Framework in the Republic of Cyprus by Corina Demetriou and Nicos Trimikliniotis. English Greek Turkish

Report 4: Turkish Cypriot Legal Framework by Ayla Gürel. English Greek Turkish

Report 5: An Overview of Events and Perceptions by Ayla Gürel, Mete Hatay and Christalla Yakinthou. English Turkish

Report 6: Property in the Cyprus Peace Process - Proceedings of the PCC-CEPS Conference, 20-21 May 2010 (Brussels) Edited by Fiona Mullen. English Greek

Report 7: Envisioning a Future: Towards a Property Settlement in Cyprus - Proceedings of the PCC conference, 30 September 2011 (Nicosia) Edited by Nicos Trimikliniotis and Bozena Sojka. English Turkish

Policy Briefs:

Women's Peace: Recommendations of the Gender Advisory Team (GAT) on the peace negotiations in Cyprus, PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief 1/2012 English Greek Turkish

Book chapters:

Hatay, Mete and Yiannis Papadakis (2012) “A Critical Comparison of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Historiographies (1940s to the Present)”, in R. Bryant and Y. Papadakis, eds., Cyprus and the Politics of Memory: History, Community and Conflict. London and New York: I.B.Tauris, pp 27-51.

Hatay, Mete and Ali Dayioglu (2012) “Cyprus”, in Jørgen S. Nielsen, ed., Yearbook of Muslims in Europe. Volume 4. Leiden: BRILL.



European Court of Human Rights and the Cyprus Property Issue: Charting a Way Forward by Rhodri williams and Ayla Gürel PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 1/2011 Download here

Book chapters:

Gürel, Ayla The Cyprus Property Dispute: Perspectives and Prospects, in Tkachenko and Özsağlam (eds) The Isolated part of Cyprus pp. 70-78

Christou, Georgina Demetriou, Olga and Mavris, John Becoming Good Neighbours in Cyprus: Civic Action and the relevance of the State in Meinhof, Ulrike Hanna and Heidi Armbruster (eds) Negotiation Multicultural Europe: Borders, Networks, Neighbourhoods pp. 22-44

Demetriou, Olga and Gurel, Ayla Human rights, civil society and conflict in Cyprus in Marchetti and Tocci (eds) Civil Society, Conflicts and the Politicization of Human Rights pp. 100-122

Hatay, Mete Turkish Cypriots and the "Cypriot Solution" in Akgun and Tiryaki (eds) The Heybeliada Talks: Two Years of Public Diplomacy on Cyprus pp.49-52

Dayioglu, Ali and Hatay, Mete Cyprus in Nielsen (ed) Yearbook of Muslims in Europe Volume 3

Demetriou, Corina and Trimkliniotis, Nicos Labour integration of migrant workers in Cyprus: A critical appraisal in Pajnik and Campani (eds) Precarious Migrant Labour across Europe pp.73-96


Bryant, Rebecca and Hatay, Mete Guns and guitars: Simulating sovereignty in a state of siege in American Ethnologist volume 38, issue 4, pages 631-649

Trimikliniotis, Nicos For a sociology of reconciliation and conflict: An ascending ethic of reconciliation in Current Sociology September, issue 59, pages 600-603

Trimikliniotis, Nicos Note on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Class Parameters (original title in greek) in Thesis Jan-March, issue 114, pages 99-120

Special Journal Issue:

The Cyprus Review - Fall 2011 Volume 23 Number 2 - special isse of papers presented during the PRIO Cyprus Centre conference entitled 'One Island, Many Histories: Rethinking the Politics of the Past in Cyprus' Published by the University of Nicosia

Policy Briefs:

Negotiating the Cyprus Problem(s) by Bryant, Rebecca and Hatay, Mete TESEV Publications



The Past in Pieces - Belonging in the New Cyprus by Rebecca Bryant

Sustainable Diplomacies in Costas M. Constantinou and James Dere Derian (eds)

The Nation-state Dialectic and the State of Exception - Sociological and Constitutional Studies on the Euro-Cypriot Conjuncture and the National Question  by Nicos trimikliniotis


Media Narratives, Politics and the Cyprus Problem by Christophoros Christophorou, Sanem Sahin and Synthia Pavlou PRIO Report 1/2010 Download here


Empowerment through Language Revival: Current Efforts and Recommendation for Cypriotic Maronite Arabic by Brian Bielenberg and Costas M. Constantinou PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 2/2010 Download here

The day after III: The Cyprus peace dividend for Turkey and Greece by Ozlem Oguz Cilsal, Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou and Fione Mullen PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 1/2010 Download here

Fundamental Rights in Cyprus Series:

Free Movement of Workers in Cyprus and the EU by Nicos Trimikliniotis, PRIO Cyprus Centre, Fundamental Rights in Cyprus Series 1/2010 Download report

Book chapters:

Dayioglu, Ali and Hatay, Mete Cyprus in Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, volume 2 pages 125-140

Demetriou, Olga The Cyclops, the Sultan, and the Empty Post: Sites and Histories in Turkish (Re)appropriation of the Thracian Past in Stroulia and Sutton (eds) Archaeology in Situ: Sites, Archaeology, and Communities in Greece pp. 221-239


Costas M. Constantinou and Mete Hatay 'Cyprus, ethnic conflict and conflicted heritage' in Routledge, Ethnic and Racial Studies volume 33, issue 9, pages 1600-1619 


Muharrem Faiz (KADEM) Turkish Cypriot Elections, April 2010



The Opening of Ledra Street/Lockmaci Crossing: Reactions from Citizens and Shopkeepers by David Jacobson, Bernard Musyck, Stelios Orphanides, Craig Webster PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 2/2009 Download report

The day after II: Reconstructing a reunited Cyprus by Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou, Ozlem Oguz, Fiona Mullen PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 1/2009 Download report

Policy briefs:

Suing for Sovereignty: Property, Territory, and the EU's Cyprus Problem  by Bryant, Rebecca and Hatay, Mete Global Political Trends Centre Policy Brief Download here

Book chapters:

Demetriou, Olga The Finger of Legitimacy: Human Rights and Minority Religious Representation in Greece in Mirbagheri (ed) Islam and the Middle East, University of Nicosia Press and Daedalos Institute of Geopolitics pp. 53-80

Gurel, Ayla and Ozersay, Kudret The Cyprus Problem at the European Court of Human Rights in Tocci and Diez (eds) Cyprus: A Conflict at the Crossroads, Manchester University Press pp. 273-291

Hatay, Mete Servants, Slaves and Concubines in Ottoman Cyprus (1571-1878) in Michael, Kappler and Gavriel (eds) Ottoman Cyprus: A Collection of Studies on History and Culture, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbanden pp.161-180


Hatay, Mete and Nevzat, Altay 'Politics, Society and the Decline of Islam in Cyprus: From the Ottoman Era to the Twenty-First Century' Middle Eastern Studies, Volume 45 Issue 6 pages 911-933

Gurel, Ayla  Eigentums- und Bevölkerungsfragen im geteilten Zypern’(Population and property issues in divided Cyprus)  Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte - Zypern 12/2009, 16 March 2009

Hatay, Mete and Dayioglu, Ali  'Cyprus' Yearbook of Muslims in Cyprus Holland:Brill (75-88)

Hatay, Mete 'The Problem of Pigeons: Orientalism, Xenophobia and a Rhetoric of the 'Local' in North Cyprus' The Cyprus Review Volume 20 Fall 2008 Number 2 Download article

Trimikliniotis, Nicos and Corina Demetriou 'Evaluating the Anti-discrimination Law in the Republic of Cyprus: A Critical Reflection The Cyprus Review Volume 20 Fall 2008 Number 2 Download article

Policy Briefs:

The Protection and Revival of Cypriot Maronite Arabic by Costas M. Constantinou PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief 1/2009 Download here


Rethinking Migration, Discrimination and Multicuturalism in a Post-tourist Society by Nicosi Trimikliniotis, The Cyprus Review Volume 20  Fall 2008 Number 2 Download here

News articles:

Property, Bizonality, and Reunification by Gurel Ayla, Sunday Mail

Οι περιουσίες, η διζωνικότητα και η επανένωση (Property, Bizonality, and Reunification) by Gurel Ayla, ΡΕΥΜΑ



Migrant Cities Research, Nicosia South by Olga Demetriou as part of the Living Together Project of the Institute for Public Policy Research and British Council, November 2008 Download report

Migrant Cities Research, Nicosia North by Rebecca Bryant and Mete Hatay as part of the Living Together Project of the Institute for Public Policy Research and British Council, November 2008 Download report

History Education in Divided Cyprus: A Comparison of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Schoolbooks on the "History of Cyprus" , by Yiannis Papadakis PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 2/2008. Download here Greek version Turkish version

The Political Economy of a Cyprus Settlement: The Examination of Four Scenaria, by Andreas Theophanous, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 1/2008. English version Greek version


Intra-island trade in Cyprus: Obstacles, oppositions and psychological barriers, by Mete Hatay, Fiona Mullen, Julia Kalimeri, PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 2/2008 Download here 

The day after: Commercial opportunities following a solution to the Cyprus problem, by Fiona Mullen, Ozlem Oguz, Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou, PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper 1/2008. English version Greek version Turkish version

Human Rights, Civil Society and Conlict in Cyprus:Exploring the Relationships, by Ayla Gurel and Olga Demetriou, SHUR Case Study Report. English Greek Turkish

Policy Briefs:

We can't Change the Past, but we can Change the Future by Dilek Latif, Natasa Loizou, PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief 1/2008 Download here

Edited Books:

Constantinou, Costas M., Oliver Richmond and Alison Watson (eds), Cultures and Politics of Global Communication. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Also published as a special issue of the Review of International Studies (2008)

Book Chapters: 

Demetriou, Olga, Catalysis, Catachresis: The EU's Impact on the Cyprus Conflict, in Diez, Matthias and Stetter (eds) The European Union and Border Conflicts: The Power of Integration and Association. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.64-93


Hatay, Mete and Bryant, Rebecca ' The Jasmine scent of Nicosia: Of returns, Revolutions, and the Longing of Forbidden Pasts' , Journal of Modern Greek Studies 26(2):423-449 Download here

Constantinou, Costas M. 'On the Cypriot State of Exception', International Political Sociology (2008) 2: 145-164

Ayla Gurel and Kudret Ozersay , 'Property and Human Rights in Cyprus: The European Court of Human Rights as a Platform of Political Struggle', Middle Eastern Studies 44(2):291-321

Ayla Gurel and Kudret Ozersay , Die Eigentumspolitik auf Zypern: Bizonalitat und Menschenrechte-kontraere Argumente der zwei zyprischen Gemeinschaften. Auf Zypern: Herausforderungen und Perspektiven, published by Die Grunen/Europaeische Freie Allianz

Mete Hatay, Has the season come?  In Middle East Report, Centre for International Relations. More 



Propspects of Reconciliation, Co-Existence and Forgiveness in Cyprus in the Post-Referendum Period, by Aris Sitas, Dilek Latif, Natasa Loizou. PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 4/2007 Download here

Is the Turkish Cypriot Population Shrinking? An Overwiew of the Ethno-Demography of Cyprus in the Light of the Preliminary Results of the 2006 Turkish Census, by Mete Hatay, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 2/2007. Download here. 


Constantinou, Costas M. ‘Aporias of Identity: Bicommunalism, Hybridity and the “Cyprus Problem”’, Cooperation and Conflict 42(3): 247–270 more

Demetriou, Olga. ‘To Cross or Not To Cross? Subjectivization and the Absent State in Cyprus’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 13(4): 987–1006.

Demetriou, Olga. ‘Freedom Square: The Unspoken Reunification of a Divided City’, Hagar 7(1); more

Gürel, Ayla. ‘Review of Oliver P. Richmond & Henry Carey, eds, Subcontracting Peace: The Challenges of NGO Peacebuilding’, Cyprus Review 19(2): 137–141.

Gürel, Ayla. ‘Can the European Union Help To Reunite Cyprus?’, in Cyprus After Accession: Getting Past No? Oxford: SEESOX/St. Anthony’s College, University of Oxford (20–29). More  



The Politics of Property in Cyprus: Conflicting Appeals to 'Bizonality' and 'Human Rights' by the Two Cypriot Communities , by Ayla Gurel and Kudret Ozersay, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report 3/2006. English version Greek version  Turkish version


Gurel, Ayla and Ozersay, Kudret (2006) 'Cyprus and the politics of property', Mediterranan Politics 11:3 pp. 349-369

Constantinou, Costas M., (2006) 'On Homo-Diplomacy', Space and Culture 9:4, pp.351.364

Constantinou, Costas M., (2006) 'The Beautiful Nation: Reflections on the Aesthetics of Hellenism', Alternatigves: Local, Global, Political 31:1 pp. 53-75


Economic Perspectives in Cyprus: The Path Towards Reunification, proceedings from the PRIO Cyprus Centre Second Annual Conference, 22 November 2006. Nicosia. Download here 



'Beyond numbers: An Inquiry into the Political Integration of the Turkish 'Settlers' in Northern Cyprus', by Mete Hatay, PRIO Cyprus Centre report 4/2005. Download here


Constantinou, Costas M. and Richmond, O.P (2005), 'The Long Mile of Empire: Power, Legitimation and the U.K. Bases in Cyprus' , Mediterranean Politics 10:1, pp.65-84




Other Publications