Mete Hatay

Born in Nicosia on 2 November 1962 where he now lives. Before joining the PRIO Cyprus Office team, he worked as a director of a consultancy firm (providing media monitoring, social and commercial research, public relations and comunication strategy services mainly for international organizations, including the EC Representation in Cyprus). Since 1995, he has been teaching as a part time instructor at the Tourism Department of Near East University, Nicosia.

Between the years of 2003-2004 he took part of the PRIO "Public Information Project" on the Annan Plan. As part of this work, he was involved in the preparation and distribution of booklets, construction of a website, held public seminars, facilitated discussions and made presentations on local and international TV and radio stations.

Since January 2005, he has joined PRIO again as a consultant leading a project on the immigrants and settlers in Cyprus. His recent report, Beyond Numbers: An Inquiry into the Political Integration of the Turkish "Settlers" in Northern Cyprus was published as a PRIO Cyprus Centre report. Mete Hatay has been a freelance writer since 1985. He has presented many papers in international conferences and written many articles, on Cypriot cultural history, immigration, Islam and ethnic and religious minorities in Cyprus.

Project Leader: Settlers and Immigrants in Cyprus

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