Cindy Horst

Cindy Horst (PRIO) is a Research Director and Professor in Migration and Refugee Studies. She is an anthropologist with a regional interest in Somalia and Kenya. Her current research focuses on mobility in conflict; diaspora; humanitarianism; refugee protection; (transnational) civic engagement; and theorizing on social transformation. Cindy leads the ACT project and acts as Noor's supervisor. She also contributes to data collection about active citizenship in Oslo. 



Marta Bivand Erdal (PRIO) is a Senior Researcher. She is a Human Geographer and has conducted research in Norway, Poland and in South Asia. Her research focuses on migrant transnationalism including remittances, and on processes of migrant integration including transnational ties and citizenship practices in diverse contexts. Marta will work alongside Noor and Cindy contributing to data collection about active citizenship in Oslo, with an emphasis on religious environments.  



Noor Jdid (PRIO) is a Doctoral Researcher, studying different conceptions of (active) citizenship in anthropology, human geography and feminist studies. Her MA thesis in Peace and Conflict Studies, published in 2013, focused on identity and belonging negotiations among young migrant women in Oslo. Noor is the only one on the ACT-team that works full time with the project, and will be responsible for data collection in Oslo and Copenhagen.



PerPer Mouritsen (Aarhus University) is Professor in political theory and citizenship. Per works with issues of civic integration, citizenship, cultural pluralism and national identity, and has a particular interest in what he calls the ‘civic turn’ in Western European migration-, integration- and naturalization policies and discourse. Per directs the literature review for ACT, coordinating the different disciplinary reviews and integrating the political science perspective together with Tore.


Tore Vincent Olsen (Aarhus University) is Associate Professor in political theory. He is working with theories of international and transnational democracy as well as issues concerning immigration and integration policies in Denmark, focusing on civic education in the Danish curriculum. Together with Per he is responsible for adding the political science perspective on the meaning of active participation and citizenship including transnational citizenship.


KjerstiKjersti Fjørtoft (UiT) is Head of Department and Professor at The Artic University of Norway. Kjersti is working with different conceptions of citizenship within normative political theory. Her task in the project is to work with the theoretical framework and in particular develop analytical tools in order to analyze and define the concept of active citizenship in the contexts of plural modern societies. 



JonasJonas Jakobsen (UiT) is Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at The Arctic University of Norway. His work within social and political philosophy focuses on multiculturalism, deliberative democracy, secularism, religion in the public sphere, free speech (and its limits), tolerance and recognition. Jonas will contribute to the ACT research project with theoretical perspectives and discussions on (active) multicultural citizenship, and its contestations.



EbbaEbba Tellander (PRIO) is a Research Assistant. She is a political scientist and her MA thesis at Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Oslo focused onthe role of the Somali diaspora in Norwegian foreign policy towards Somalia. Previously, she worked as a project coordinator at the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights’ Somalia Program. Ebba will assist the project with data collection on active citizenship in Oslo.

Active Citizenship in Culturally and Religiously Diverse Societies (ACT)