Policy Briefs

No.1, November 2009: "Security Ethics. A Thin Blue-Green-Grey Line". Jelle van Buuren.

No.2, December 2009: "EU Security Policies towards the Mediterranean: The Ethical Dimension". Pinar Bilgin.

No.3, November 2009: "Border Security, Technology and the Stockholm Programme". Didier Bigo and Julien Jeandesboz.

No.4, December 2009: "The Union for the Mediterranean. What has it changed and what can be changed in the domain of security". Eduard Soler i Lecha and Irene García.

No.5, February 2010: "The EU and the European Security Industry. Questioning the 'Public-Private Dialogue'", Didier Bigo and Julien Jeandesboz.

 No.6, March 2010: "Security as a commodity. The ethical dilemmas of private security services", Jelle van Buuren.

No.7, March 2010: "The promotion of human security in EU security policies". Inger Helene Sira and Jonas Gräns.

No. 9, May 2010: "Global Data Transfers: The Human Rights Implications". Elspeth Guild.

No. 10, June 2010: "Profiling in the European Union: A high-risk practice". Gloria González Fuster, Serge Gutwirth and Erika Ellyne.

No.11, June 2010: "Huber, Marper and Others: Throwing new light on the shadows of suspicion". Gloria González Fuster, Paul de Hert, Erika Ellyne and Serge Gutwirth.

INEX Converging and Conflicting Ethical Values in the Internal/External Security Continuum in Europe