Jørgen Carling (PRIO) leads the project and co-ordinates the work package on theoretical-empirical links. Jørgen holds a PhD in Human Geography and has done research on migration control, migrant transnationalism and the links between migration and development. Much of his research has addressed migration from West Africa to Europe. • Staff site  

Marta Bivand Erdal (PRIO) works on the Pakistani and Polish case studies and co-ordinates the work package on experiences of return. Marta is a human geographer with fieldwork experience among Pakistanis and Tamils. Her research interests include migrant transnationalism and migrants’ contributions to development in countries of origin. • Staff site  

Rojan Ezzati (PRIO) works on the super-diversity study and co-ordinates the work package on possibilites of return. Rojan is a sociologist who has studied identity work among men of Muslim origin in the aftermaths of September 11, 2001. Her research interests include migrant visibility, transnationalism, diaspora engagement and super-diversity. • Staff site  

Marta Bolognani (University of Bristol) works on the Pakistani case study. Marta holds a PhD in Sociology from Leeds University and she has conducted researched on Pakistani diaspora, Muslims in Europe, Muslim popular culture, urban studies in multicultural settings and the 2007 anti-Emergency movement in Pakistan. • Staff site   

Ceri Oeppen (University of Sussex) works on the Afghan case study. Ceri is a human geographer and holds a PhD in Migration Studies.  She has conducted research on the Afghan diaspora in a variety of locations. Current research interests include return migration and organisations that support asylum seekers. • Staff site  

Erlend Paasche (PRIO) works on the Iraqi case study and does a PhD in Sociology within the project. Erlend has a background in Middle East studies, and currently does research on contemporary Iraqi return migration. His research interests include forced migration, war and migration, voluntary return programmes and transnationalism. • Staff site  

Silje Vatne Pettersen (Statistics Norway) analyses survey and register data and co-ordinates the work package on patterns of return. Silje has a Master’s degree in Demography, and her research interests include migration flows in to and out of Norway, transition to Norwegian citizenship and immigrants’ settlement patterns in Norway. • Staff site  

Tove Heggli Sagmo (PRIO) works on the Burundian case study and does a PhD in Human Geography within the project. Tove is a human geographer with field experience from Burma/Thailand and Uganda. Her main interest is forced migration with special focus on return and reintegration in post conflict societies. • Staff site 

Jennifer Wu (PRIO) works as a research assistant on the project and is involved in the work package on theoretical-empirical links. Jennifer has a background in engineering and law. She has experience working in the oil industry in Canada, in poverty alleviation in Vietnam, and in family law in the United States. • Staff site