Cindy Horst (PRIO) leads the project. She has conducted research on Somali refugees for nearly 20 years, in Kenya, the Netherlands, the US and Norway. She is the author of ‘Transnational Nomads’ (Berghahn, 2006), and a range of articles on remittance sending and other transnational engagements of Somalis in Norway and elsewhere.

Faiza Kassim (PRIO) has completed fieldwork on processes of social inclusion and exclusion among Somalis in Oslo for her MA in Anthropology at the University of Oslo (UiO). She holds an MA student scholarship at PRIO, and has previously, inter alia, worked as social worker for NAV and as fieldworker working with Somali youth in Oslo.

Brandon Baumbach holds a Masters of Public Policy from the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Having done research among the Somali population in Minneapolis (MN), Brandon earned a Fulbright Fellowship to Norway to compare Norwegian integration policies and their effect on the Somali population in Norway.

Marian Hussein is completing her BA in Education at UiO, after having completed a BA in Social Education from Akershus University College. Marian is active in the mosque, where one of the issues she is working on is to improve the relationship between Child Protection Services and the Somali community. She leads the Somali Student Association.

Hawa Muuse studies Human Geography at UiO. She also works as a research assistant at the Fafo Research Institute for Labor and Social Research, on projects that relate to various aspects of the lives of Somalis in Norway. Hawa has worked as a Somali translator in Drammen and a social worker for Somali refugees recently arrived in Oslo.

Sundus Osman holds a BA in Education with a specialization in Culture and Society, currently pursuing an MA in the same discipline and a BA in Development Studies. She has worked as a volunteer English teacher in China and also works as a research assistant for the Norwegian Institute for Social Research (ISF). She is active in a range of associations.

Somalis in European cities: Oslo