Share your experiences and thoughts

We are carrying out a research project about people who live partly in one country and partly in another. Why is this an increasingly common way of life? What are the joys and challenges it involves? Are there particular difficulties in dealing with government institutions? Should governments make it easier to live in two countries?

Are you or your partner the kind of person we are looking for?

  • You feel that you are living in two countries. This could mean that you spend time in each country and perhaps have a home in each, but there are no strict rules. Most important is your own feeling.
  • One of the countries that you live in is Norway or the Netherlands, since this is where our research is based. The other country could be anywhere in the world.

We are interested in your experiences.

Participating in the project involves being interviewed by one of the researchers. The interviews are open conversations about your experiences, plans, and opinions. We have a detailed information sheet about how we protect your privacy.

If you would like to be interviewed, please get in touch:

You can read more about the project on the front page of this website, and in our information folder. We also have a Facebook page.

As part of the project we are also doing interviews in Spain, Poland and Cape Verde with people who live partly in Norway or the Netherlands. Jørgen and Marta are looking for interviewees in these countries too (See contact details above).