Migration Research at PRIO

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Migration research at PRIO addresses central theoretical aspects of international migration and transnationalism, and the ways in which these phenomena are connected with peace and conflict. Migration researchers at PRIO seek to be at the forefront of developing research methodology, drawing upon a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Our research is guided by a commitment to academic excellence. Engaging with the foremost international research on migration and transnationalism also strengthens our ability to provide policy advice to governments and others. Migration research at PRIO benefits from close ties with other research environments and institutions in Norway and abroad.

Migration and transnationalism are relevant to peace research in a number of ways. Many migration flows are caused by armed conflict, diasporas may play a role in the perpetuation or resolution of conflicts, and finding solutions for refugee populations may be fundamental to establishing a lasting peace.

Furthermore, migration itself is increasingly a conflict-ridden issue in international relations. Migration pressure and security concerns have contributed to the militarization of migration control, The large numbers of migrants who die in the attempt to cross borders is a pressing humanitarian issue.

PRIO has hosted research projects related to migration and transnationalism for several decades. In 2006, migration was identified as an area of research to be strengthened under the Institute's 2006-2009 strategy. This resulted in the establishment of a migration network encompassing researchers from different programmes, and the active development of expertise in migration studies. Most migration research at PRIO is located in the Ethics, Norms and Identities programme.


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Return migration and transnationalism: alternatives or complements? Workshop in Oslo, 4-5 September 2012
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Migration Seminars: The migration team organizes migration lunch seminars that are open to the public. Upcoming seminars are advertised along with other PRIO events.
FIWON: PRIO’s migration researchers play a key role in the PRIO Fieldwork Network (FIWON), which is presented on a separate web page.