Migration research at PRIO involves researchers and students in different parts of the organization, some of whom are also doing research on other topics. Follow the links below for staff pages with information on each person.

Jørgen Carling (Senior Researcher)
Jørgen holds a PhD in human geography and has done research on migration control, migrant transnationalism and the links between migration and development. Much of his research has addressed migration from West Africa to Europe.
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Marta Bivand Erdal (Researcher)
Marta is a human geographer with fieldwork experience among Pakistanis and Tamils. Her research interests include migrant transnationalism and migrants’ contributions to development in countries of origin.
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Rojan Ezzati (Research Coordinator)
Rojan is a sociologist who has studied identity work among men of Muslim origin in the aftermaths of September 11, 2001. Her research interests include migrant visibility, diaspora engagement and migration systems. 
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Kristian Berg Harpviken (PRIO Director, Senior Researcher)
Kristian is a sociologist, working on the role of social networks in migration, political and military mobilisation among displaced populations, and on trans-national politics. He has a particular interest in Afghanistan and its neighbourhood.
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María Hernández Carretero (Researcher)
María has a background in peace and conflict studies and anthropology. She has done fieldwork among prospective migrants in Senegal. Her research interests include the links between migration, risk theory and human security.
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Kristian Hoelscher (Researcher)
Kristian has a background in development studies and demography. His research interests include post-conflict peace-building and development, as well as the role of youth in civil conflict and political violence.
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Cindy Horst (Senior Researcher)
Cindy is an anthropologist with a specialization in forced migration. She has extensive fieldwork experience among Somalis in Kenya and the wider diaspora, studying assistance practices, migration cultures and diaspora political engagements.
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Erlend Paasche (Researcher)
Erlend has a background in Middle East studies, and currently does research on contemporary Iraqi return migration. His research interests include forced migration, war and migration, voluntary return programmes and transnationalism. 
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Tove Heggli Sagmo (Researcher)
Tove is a human geographer with field experience from Burma/Thailand and Uganda. Her main interest is forced migration with special focus on return and reintegration in post conflict societies.   
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Jennifer Wu (Research Assistant)
Jennifer has a background in engineering, computer science and law. Her work experience spans poverty reduction programmes in Hanoi, family law in New York, and corporate risk management in Montréal.
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