CSCW: Conflict and Economic Performance (2004-2012)

Coordinator: Karl Ove Moene

CSCW - Conflict and Economic Performance



Karl Ove Moene

Karl Ove Moene

Working Group Leader: Conflict and Economic Performance. Professor of Economics, University of Oslo



Book Chapter

Mehlum, Halvor; Karl Ove Moene & Ragnar Torvik (2008) Institutions and the Resource Curse, in K.A. Konrad, ed., 40 Years of Research on Rent Seeking, Volume 2. (245–264).

Report - Other

Mehlum, Halvor;Moene, Karl Ove; & Torvik, Ragnar (2008) Mineral Rents and Social Development in Norway, UNRISD project "Financing Social Policy", : .