CSCW Cross-cutting Activities (2003-2012)

Coordinator: Halvard Buhaug

CSCW Cross-cutting Activities



Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Gardín, Carlos;Ray, Debraj; & Esteban, Joan (2007) An Extension of a Measure of Polarization, with an Application to the Income Distribution of Five OECD Countries , Journal of Economic Inequality 5(1): 1–19.
Gartzke, Erik; & Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede (2006) Identity and Conflict: Ties that Bind and Differences that Divide , European Journal of International Relations 12(1): 53–87.

Popular Article

Gates, Scott; & Reich, Simon (2009) Sannheten om barnesoldater [The Truth about Child Soldiers], Dagbladet, 12 June.

Conference Paper

Gleditsch, Nils Petter 2009 Updating the Battle Deaths Dataset, presented at XXVI International Population Conference, , 27 September.