Prospective Thesis Topic: Migration - PRIO Migration Centre (generic)

The PRIO Migration Centre examines how states, groups and individuals engage with, and are affected by migration. We welcome applications from MA students who want to write a thesis that relates to the centre's general thematic profile or to one of our current projects. The PRIO Migration Centre is a highly active research environment with weekly events and can offer a stimulating environment for students.

In our experience, the strongest applications come from students who have developed their own thesis topics. So we encourage you to seek inspiration from our research and formulate a proposal that reflects your own interests, background and skills.

These are examples of questions we ask in ongoing projects:

  • Why do some conflicts generate massive displacement, while others do not?​ ...
  • When people want to migrate but are unable to do so, what are the consequences? ...
  • How do development processes shape young people's desires for migration? ...
  • How do opponents of immigration mobilize transnationally in Europe? ...
  • How does the arrival of refugees affect levels of trust in the receiving society? ...
  • How do humanitarianism and security interact in the governance of borderlands? ...

More generally, topics that we have addressed include the following:

  • Citizenship and civic engagement
  • Connections between integration and transnationalism 
  • Cultural representations of migration 
  • Diversity and national identity 
  • Migrant remittances 
  • Migrant smuggling
  • Migration and development 
  • Migration aspirations and migration processes 
  • Migration policies and politics 
  • Refugee livelihoods 
  • Religion, migration and transnationalism 
  • Return migration 
  • Transnational families

There may also be specific migration-related proposals on PRIO’s list of proposed thesis topics.

Please consult the main page for the UiO-PRIO MA Student Programme about eligibility, requirements and application procedures.

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