Prospective Thesis Topic: The ethics of peace negotiations and mediation

MA thesis projects are invited that look into controversies concerning the fairness of how peace negotiations and peace mediation are organised and conducted. The projects can study the arguments of:

  • negotiating parties and mediators;
  • politicians and public opinion;
  • negotiation experts and commissioned evaluations;
  • scholarly literature on specific cases or on peace negotiation in general.

The projects may focus on one case, a set of cases, statistics on a large number of cases, or on general theoretical arguments and debates.

Projects on these topics would be welcomed into an ongoing research project at PRIO that seeks to introduce the ethics of peace negotiations and mediation as a field of systematic research, combining empirical and philosophical perspectives.

The gender dimension of norms of participation and representation in peace negotiations is highly pertinent to this MA topic, and also relates to the generic MA thesis topic on Gender, peace and security.

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