Prospective Thesis Topic: Children Born of War

​EuroWARCHILD is the first study to comprehensively examine different groups of war children in the European context; across different conflicts, security settings and generations. The project will present findings, which have the potential to have direct impact on policy concerns in many European countries today. EuroWARCHILD, therefore, aims to contribute to creating a better future for a new generation of war children in Europe by disseminating findings to scholarly and policy audiences alike.

The project will be guided by the following overarching research question: How does a child born of war become a security concern, and what does it entail for the child who does? After World War II, children conceived by enemy soldiers experienced shaming, harassment and isolation. We know that some of the children conceived through conflict related sexual violence during the Bosnian war of 1992-1995, were rejected and adopted, whereas some remained with their mothers under difficult circumstances. These war children were long silenced, but with time, they have formed vocal groups who argue for the right to be seen, heard, and recognized. Qualitative empirical data in  collection in the project will include 3 groups of participants who will be approached for interviews; Children fathered by German soldiers in Norway and Denmark during World War II; Children fathered by Red Army soldiers with German mothers in Germany during and after WW II; Children conceived through conflict-related sexual violence during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 -1995.

MA theses which aim to focus on children born by war in other conflict (in Europe and beyond) as well as in different time periods (in the past and at present) that focus on security discourses linked to these children are welcome to be part of the EuroWARCHILD research effort.

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