PRIO invites you to a seminar with With Prof. Dr. Ramawatar Yadav of of Purbanchal University, Biratnagar, Nepal.

Prof. Yadav's presentation will dwell in main on the following issues of Madhesh /Tarai.

1. That, in spite of the otherwise assertions of anthropologists and sociologists of Nepal, the main ethnological and cultural divide worth its name remains to be the Pahadi-Madheshi divide in the country.

2. That the Madheshi identity continues to be threatened with non-recognition and its loyalty viewed with suspicion.

3. That the depiction and representation of Madheshi in Nepali literary works is highly unfair, parochial, prejudicial, and downright insulting.

4. That the Pahadi's mindset and their perception of Madheshi has not altered yet.

5. That the presentation will make references to a few real-life events of rampant discrimination prevalent in the country.

6. Finally, much about Madhesh/Tarai will follow during discussion

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Prof. Dr. Ramawatar Yadav, Vice Chancellor of Purbanchal University, Biratnagar, Nepal, is a distinguished researcher on Nepalese language and culture. De has been a British Council scholar, the first Fulbright scholar of Nepal in the USA and a post-doctoral scholar in Germany. Prof. Yadav has authored several books and articles in linguistics, including ‘Language, linguistics, and politics’, In: Mohan Mainali ed. 2004 Samāveśī Lokatantrakā Ādhāraharū [Fundamentals of Inclusive Democracy], Lalitpur: Social Science Baha, 141-149. (In Nepali).