Today we experience how fields like environment or climate are made into 'security problems', they are 'securitized'. A 'speech act' may turn something into a security problem, into something dramatic, an issue of life and death, and by this withdrawing the very issue from the regular democratic process. At the same time, the concept of “securitization” suggests that we should be aware of that politicians and scholars have a choice: they can turn something into an issue of security or not.

At this seminar, Professor Ole Wæver of the Copenhagen University will give a lecture on 'Security and Securitization'.

The project on “Securitization, Technology and Transformation of Warfare” is a collaboration project between PRIO and Copenhagen University, and part of the European-wide and EU-financed CHALLENGE Project (The Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security).

A sandwich lunch will be provided.
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