Women, Peace and Security in Myanmar

WOMENsPEACE conference at Novotel Hotel, Bangkok

Time: Monday, 05 March 2018 09:00-19:00
Place: Novotel Hotel, Bangkok

Women, Peace and Security in Myanmar
Meeting in IDP village, Yan Myo Aung. Photo: Straube, Jo

The conference on "Women, Peace and Security in Myanmar" invites papers that examine the important but highly diverse roles of women in the ongoing Myanmar peace process, with an emphasis on the Ethnic Armed Organizations. 

Engaging critically with the women, peace and security literature, the conference on "Women, Peace and Security in Myanmar" will question the potential of peace processes to become a window of opportunity for women's empowerment, while insisting on the vital importance of a gender perspective in the study of conflict, security and peace. 

As the 21st century Panglong process moves forward, a target has been set to reach a 30% female representation in the parliament, reminiscent of the so-called “landmark victory for women's empowerment in South Asia” that was celebrated when Nepalese women were given the same share of seats in the first Constituent Assembly after the Civil War in Nepal. Presenting a diverse range of women´s voices through times of war and negotiations for peace, this conference will contribute new knowledge about women's activism and agency in conflict and peacebuilding. 

See the call for papers here