Urbanization and Environment

How urbanization, demography, and physical factors condition dynamics of peace, conflict and development

Over half the world’s population now lives in cities, with this number to reach 70 percent by 2050. Moreover, climate change poses one of the greatest challenges of this century. Focusing on the city as a site, and urbanization, demographic and environmental change as processes, the Urbanization and Environment research group examines how spatial, demographic and physical factors condition human affairs, and their implications for peace and conflict dynamics.

The group takes a multi-disciplinary perspective, engaging researchers using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Researchers use disaggregated data and approaches to understand cross-scale dynamics of linkages between urbanization, demography, the environment and sociopolitical outcomes; and engage comparative approaches to understand the relevance of local factors and conditions.

Selected research themes include:

  • Interrelations between governance, institutions and violence in urban areas
  • Implications of linkages between urbanization and climate change
  • Demographic causes and consequences of armed conflict
  • The security implications of climate variability
  • Conflict and cooperation over resource accessibility and distribution
  • Spatial patterns and drivers of armed conflict.
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