CSWC: Values and Violence (2003-2012)

CSCW - Values and Violence

Our study of values, attitudes, and public opinion looks at violent societies and generally peaceful societies as well as countries undergoing a transition away from violence. The main aim is to demonstrate if and how values are related to violence in societies. One important empirical focus is the impact of religion, but we also study tolerance, trust, prejudice, and respect for human rights and how these values vary between countries and relate to conflicts between groups within societies. In post war societies we study values to assess the strength of latent conflict.

We will study values in post-conflict societies, the strength of latent conflicts in these societies, and the consequences of civil war and violence for human well-being and health and the continued social relationships between individuals and groups.

Most of the research projects of the group will analyze data collected by rigorous comparative social surveys (World Values Survey/European Values Study, the European Social Survey, the South-East European Social Survey, and other major comparative surveys). Studies will focus on many countries across the world (large N studies), studies of single countries, and a major investigation of the Balkans. The Balkans project will include a historical study based on the collection of original archival data and interviews.

The research group has a unique blend of expertise that covers historical and area study approaches and comparative survey research. Much of the work will focus on the Balkans and the states of the former Yugoslavia.

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