The Cyprus Peace Dividend Revisited

A Productivity and Sectoral Approach

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: 06 Mar 2014 - 07 Mar 2014
Place: Brussels

​​​​​PRIO Cyprus Centre is organizing a conference on "Cyprus' Peace Dividend: A Productivity and Sectoral Approach" to discuss initial findings of its research project under the same title.

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​PRIO's research project on Cyprus' Peace Dividend, funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, reflects an attempt to quantify what a solution of the Cyprus problem would be worth, both for the economy as a whole and for different sectors. To this end, three economists have been analysing different sectors, to assess how they might benefit from a solution. Besides tourism, as an obvious one, other sectors of the economy expected to benefit too, are industry and construction; retail and wholesale; maritime trade; oil & gas; professional services and banking; and education. The authors have accordingly prepared a 50-page report looking at such benefits in the relevant sectors. The resultant PRIO draft Report is authored by Alexander Apostolides of the European University Cyprus, Mustafa Besim of Eastern Mediterranean University and Fiona Mullen of Sapienta Economics. At the Brussels conference, the initial findings of the project will be discussed with members of the business communities and experts in the presence of the negotiators.

About the authors:​

  • Alexander Apostolides is lecturer at the European University Cyprus, member of President Anastasiades' economic advisory council and member of the Greek Cypriot economy negotiating team.​

  • Mustafa Besim is Associate Professor at Eastern Mediterranean University, and served as a member of the Turkish Cypriot economy negotiating team.

  • Fiona Mullen, Director of Sapienta Economics Ltd, is a Cyprus-based economist who has been producing analysis and forecasts on the Cyprus economy for over 12 years and is also the economy adviser to the UN good offices team.

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