About the PRIO Annual Peace Address

The PRIO Annual Peace Address is a prestigious lecture held once a year in Oslo, in which invited guests reflect on how to contribute to the creation of a world in which violence is the exception and peace is the norm. Past distinguished lecturers have included scholars, policymakers, writers, artists and activists with a public voice on peace and war matters on the world scene.

PRIO is an international research institute whose overarching purpose is to conduct research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people. PRIO's research agenda reflects the institute's overarching purpose, yet it is both proactively involved in identifying new trends in global conflict and oriented toward formulating and documenting new understandings and responses.

The PRIO Annual Peace Address is an important part of our efforts to create awareness, stir public debate and increase understanding about the conditions for peace in the world. We hope that the PRIO Annual Peace Address can challenge the peace research community by suggesting new measures and bringing new perspectives on peace and war. The questions asked and the answers sought can only be improved by critical challenges.

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