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June 2024

PRIO at Arendalsuka 2024

Arendalsuka is an annual Norwegian political festival that brings together politicians, journalists, policy makers, aid organisations, civil society and the private sector.

30 Years After the Genocide in Rwanda: Gender, Accountability and Atrocity Prevention

What is the legacy of Rwanda and other atrocity crimes, and how are sexual and gender-based crimes addressed in today’s conflicts? The public was invited to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda genocide.

New data shows record number of armed conflicts

Last year saw the highest number of state-based conflicts since 1946. In addition, the past three years were the most violent in the last three decades, according to new conflict trend analysis.

Media invitation: Seminar with UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini

Journalists are invited to a seminar on UNRWA under attack – saving the UN’s Palestine refugee agency, with its Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini.

RLI Annual conference: Panel on Refugees, Generative AI and Knowledge production

As part of the Annual RLI conference, at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, PRIO researchers organized a panel on "Refugees, Generative AI and Knowledge Production: Revisiting 'Humanitarianism and Suffering: The Mobilization of Empathy'".

PRIO’s Kristian Berg Harpviken Appointed New Director of The Nobel Institute

PRIO congratulates Research Professor Kristian Berg Harpviken who has been appointed the new Director of The Nobel Institute.

Funding in Place for Project on Possible War Crimes in Ukraine

PRIO has received the news that the three-year project Recording Explosive Munitions for the analysis of WAR crimes (REMWAR) will be funded by the Research Council of Norway.

PRIO awarded FRIPRO funding for two groundbreaking projects

The Research Council of Norway announced funding for 21 new projects this week. PRIO was delighted at the funding of two of its projects.

Read the latest blog post from Mete Hatay: Turkish Cypriots and “Demographic Danger”

In March 2024, Bülent Dizdarlı, a respected Turkish Cypriot doctor and former head of the medical association, speculated on his Facebook page that the population of the unrecognised Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) had reached two million.

Maria Krogshus Holmås Successfully Defends Master`s Thesis

Maria Krogshus Holmås has successfully defended her MA thesis at the University of Oslo.

Summer School Students Welcome to PRIO

This week we have welcomed this year's summer school students to PRIO.

May 2024

Call for PhD-Level Course: Ethics in Humanitarian Negotiation and Mediation

PRIO invites applications for this course on Ethics in Humanitarian Negotiation and Mediation which will be taught online 23-27 September 2024. The application deadline is 15 June.

The PRIO Cyprus Centre joins new EU project - REWEU

The project '(Re)uniting the East and West: Reflections on the 2004 EU enlargement' is focused on the commemoration of the 2004 “big bang” EU enlargement at the occasion of its 20th anniversary in May 2024.

DIGeMERGE Poster on Digital Emergency Communication in the Nordic Countries

The CHANSE project Digital Emergency Communication (DIGeMERGE) is presenting a poster at the 2024 conference organized by ISCRAM (Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management) in Münster, Germany, 25-29 May 2024.

MIGNEX Insight: What`s next for EU policy on migration and development

In April, MIGNEX convened a major Policy Conference on future EU migration and development policy, in partnership with ODI. See below for a brief summary of our discussions on longstanding and emerging EU policy agendas.

Hilde Henriksen Waage Receives Prize as Balanced Communicator of Middle East Political History

Hilde Henriksen Waage receives the University of Oslo's Dissemination Award for being a clear, critical, and balanced communicator of the political history of the Middle East over two decades.

PRIO at the Oslo Freedom Forum

Several PRIO researchers will partake in the upcoming Oslo Freedom Forum which takes place from 3 to 5 June.

PhD course on Gender, Peace and Conflict successfully convened

On 29-31 May, the GPS Centre, in collaboration with the NORHED II project, hosted doctoral candidates from all over the world at the PhD-level course "Gender, Peace and Conflict".

April 2024

New Research Finds Information Campaigns to Deter Migration Have Little Effect

Research carried out by PRIO has found that public information campaigns warning against migration rarely affect desires to leave. And when they do, they surprisingly tend to increase the wish to migrate.

UCDP and PRIO data feature in major international database

As of early 2024, conflict data from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) and PRIO are featured in a new section of Our World in Data dedicated to War and Peace.

How do violence and conflict affect migration considerations? 

This article contributes to a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between conflict and mobility, by disaggregating ‘conflict’ and drawing on sub-national geographical units.

Applications now open for the "Culture, Conflict and Politics" course held October 29-31, 2024

The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) is now accepting applications for the "Culture, Conflict and Politics" course to be held on October 29-31, 2024.

Zahrasadat Hakim Receives the Inspire Art Award

Artist Zahrasadat Hakim has been awarded the Inspire Art Award.

International Peace Mediators Gather in Oslo to Strengthen Women’s inclusion in Peace Processes

Over two dozen top peace negotiators gather this week in Oslo for the thirteenth UN High-Level Seminar on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Strategies.

Panel discussion on "Sovereignty in the 21st century: New perceptions and challenges"

The Center for Studies of the Course of International Relations (CECRI) at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) organized its 45th International Relations Colloquia on 22-24 April 2024.

Ipek Borman, as co-founder of the Steering Committee, at the launch event of Cyprus Women Bi-Communal Coalition (CWBC)

Cyprus Women Bi-Communal Coalition (CWBC) was officially launched on 26 April 2024 at Ledra Palace Hotel. Formed by a bi-communal group of influential women from diverse professional and political backgrounds,

February 2024

Rahmat Hashemi Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Today, Rahmat Hashemi successfully defended his dissertation.

Senior Researcher Mete Hatay comments in The Telegraph, on the building boom and the increase in population in north Cyprus.

"Over the past ten years the north’s population has swelled from 300,000 to 550,000, largely as a result of an influx from Turkey...

Apply now: PRIO Peace Research Course at the International Summer School

PRIO's International Summer School (ISS) is now opening for applications with deadline 15 February (scholarship application) and 1 March (self-financed).

Nobel Peace Prize 2024: PRIO Director’s Shortlist Announced

The Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Henrik Urdal, announced his shortlist today for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize, with election observers topping the list.

Conference on Digital Designs – from Unique ID to CBDC

'Digital Designs - from Unique ID to CBDC' was co-organized by PRIO and the Maharashtra Institute of Technology-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) at MIT-WPU's campus in Pune, India, 9-10 February 2024.

Nils Petter Gleditsch JPR article of the Year Award, 2023 announcement

The Nils Petter Gleditsch JPR article of the Year Award, 2023, goes to Jason Klocek, Hyun Jeong Ha and Nathanael Gratias.

JPR Best Visualization Award – 2023 Announcement

The JPR Best Visualization Award 2023 goes to Omar García-Ponce, Lauren E Young, & Thomas Zeitzoff

Call for PhD-Level Course: Gender, Peace and Conflict

PRIO invites applications for this course on Gender, Peace and Conflict which will be taught in person in Oslo in May 2024. The application deadline is 15 March. ​

Call for Applications to the PhD level course International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills

​Call for Applications open for the PhD level course International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills to be held at PRIO on 10-14 June 2024. Apply by ​21 March 2024

Johan Galtung

Johan Galtung passed away this morning. He was born in 1930 on 24 October, the same day that 15 years later would see the founding of the United Nations.



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