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November 2023

Women’s Participation in Ceasefire Negotiations

Ceasefire negotiations are primarily male-dominated enterprises that often set the groundwork for future peace talks. Understanding them is thus vital for enhancing women's participation and including broader social interests in future peace efforts.

New book! 'Creative resistance. The social justice practices of Monirah, Halleh and Diala'

How can hope flourish from the devastation of war, oppression, and forced migration? In this new book Research Professor Cindy Horst engages with this question through the prism of lived reality, with her interlocutors, three extraordinary individuals.

Mete Hatay comments in article The Curious Case of a Cyprus Ghost Town

But Mete Hatay, a Cyprus-born senior research consultant with Peace Research Institute Oslo who has long studied the conflict, says indications are that the countries will not discuss Cyprus even as they intend to "move further with their bilateral relations."

Refugees and other migrants arriving in Norway - a 'humanitarian crisis'?

How did the arrival of growing numbers of refugees and other migrants in a non-violent setting and high-income country like Norway become framed as a ‘humanitarian crisis’? Is there a humanitarian crisis if nobody dies?

Harry Tzimitras was interviewed in an article about Cyprus plan for delivering seaborne aid to Gaza, for Politico.

“Perhaps rather than a measure of immediate relief, it could be an initiative well worth considering for the day after the end of the war and during the phase of reconstruction,”

October 2023

NEW Occasional Paper Series 6 - Repowering the Mediterranean: Reflections on Grid Infrastructure Diplomacy By Emine Eminel Sülün

Jointly published with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Cyprus, the paper presents an overview of the current state of grid integration throughout the Mediterranean area.

NEW Occasional Paper Series 7 - Exploring the Political Dynamics of the EuroAsia, EuroAfrica, and Türkiye-North Cyprus Interconnector Projects: Implications for Cyprus By Emine Eminel Sülün

Jointly published with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Cyprus the paper discusses the significance of interconnector projects in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Vacancy: Department Manager

PRIO invites applications for a one-year temporary position in research management and administration to support the management of Norway’s fastest growing social science research institute.

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Narges Mohammadi

“Narges Mohammadi was top of my shortlist. Her win is a tremendous achievement for women’s rights in Iran."

NEW Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) commentary 48/2023 - For a New Euro-Med Green Deal

This Commentary is based on an initiative launched by IAI. The main goal is to propose a common and coordinated approach within the EuroMediterranean area in terms of energy transition.

Stakeholder dialogue held in Manila as part of the NORM project

In September 2023, the PRIO NORM team was in Manila, The Philippines, to conduct fieldwork interviews and meetings with local stakeholders.

Launch of Series of Practitioners Reflections

The project Russian Approaches to Peace Processes (RAPP) launches a new series of Practitioners Reflections.

International Group of Early-Career Scholars Learn Survey Methods at PRIO

Early-career scholars from all over the world came to PRIO to attend a state-of-the-art PhD-level course on survey methods, with a focus on migration research.

Data on Migration Desires Come Mainly from High-Income Countries

Scientists who study migration often use surveys about people's aspirations, desires, or plans to migrate. New work by PRIO researchers shows that these valuable data are unevenly distributed, often inaccessible, and poorly documented when they are used.

Afghanistan Ranks Bottom of Global Index on Women’s Status

Afghanistan ranks worst of 177 countries in terms of the status of women, according to this year’s Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Index launched today in New York.

Bård Drange Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Today, Bård Drange successfully defended his dissertation titled 'Colombia’s relentless pursuit of justice: Wartime abuses, dynamics of violence, and justice outcomes' at the University of Oslo. Congratulations to Bård!

Understanding Digital Risk Is Central for Human-Centered Approaches to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and human rights are global issues that require dedicated international cooperation.

September 2023

Marie Sandnes Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Today, Marie Sandnes defended her dissertation “Understanding power dynamics between intervening and host military forces: The case of the G5 Sahel Joint Force and external actors in the Sahel”.

Top Eight Articles on the 1993 Oslo Peace Agreement

In 1993, secret negotiations took place in Oslo, Norway, aiming to start a process to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Thirty years later, PRIO researchers are still researching the Oslo Agreement and its implications.

The buffer zone in Cyprus: Clarifying the concepts of legal status and legal responsibility

New PCC Report by Nasia Hadjigeorgiou taking a legal perspective on the buffer zone in Cyprus.

PRIO Report Pushes Ethics in Digital Competence High on Norwegian Defense Sector Agenda

A new report focused on the ethical aspects of digital competence in the defense sector is in the spotlight, after a seminar convened to discuss the topic by the Ministry of Defense.

Pope Francis calls for recommitment to peace at conference co-organized by PRIO

Pope Francis issued a powerful message to participants of an international conference co-organized by PRIO and The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Stine Bergersen Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Today, Stine Bergersen defended her dissertation titled 'Conveying Complex Uncertainty: The Dilemmas of Communicating about Terror Threats' at Vrije University Brussels. Congratulations to Stine!

PRIO Co-Hosts Artist Residency Festival Week in Rotterdam

In a two-month residency, a group of international artists and researchers have investigated how creative practice can enable new ways of seeing, relating to and understanding individual and collective experiences of violent conflict and oppression.

Nobel Peace Prize 2023: PRIO Director’s Shortlist Announced

​The director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Henrik Urdal, updated his shortlist today for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, with human rights activists topping the list.

August 2023

Kristoffer Lidén appointed as Research Director

Kristoffer Lidén has been appointed as the new Research Director for the Dimensions of Security Department at PRIO.

PRIO at Arendalsuka 2023

​Arendalsuka is an annual Norwegian political festival that brings together politicians, journalists, policy makers, aid organisations, civil society and the private sector.

New podcast series: FAIR: Ethics in Peace Negotiations

A new podcast series on ethics in peace negotiations is now available on Spotify.

New papers and podcast on humanitarian negotiations

In the research project Red Lines and Grey Zones: Exploring the Ethics of Humanitarian Negotiation (RedLines) two papers and a new podcast episode have recently been published in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS). 

New Survey Shows Strong Support for Nordic Self-Defense

A new survey shows that 70 per cent of respondents believe Norway should put up an armed resistance if it is attacked by another country.

Preliminary Findings from NORM Project Presented in Indonesia
PRIO Organizes Rotterdam Art Residency on Collective Healing From War

PRIO is organizing a unique art residency in Rotterdam this autumn.

Kickoff Workshop of the AsiaPeace Project

The AsiaPeace project was successfully launched in August 2023.

Vera Lind Successfully Defends Master's Thesis

Vera Lind has successfully defended her MA thesis at the University of Oslo.

Norway in the Security Council

PRIO researchers contribute to Special Issue of Internasjonal Politikk [International Politics].

Heated Transformation of a Frozen Conflict: Jumpstarting a Process in a Changing Island

A new PCC Policy Brief by Mete Hatay is out, looking at the cost of the international community's disengagement with Cyprus and potential ways to revive negotiations.

June 2023

PRIO’s cutting-edge conflict early warning system awarded funding to reshape crisis action

​PRIO has been awarded $US700,000 in funding by the Complex Risk Analytics Fund (CRAF'D) for its cutting-edge research into a revolutionary early warning system that assesses the impact of conflict and climate shocks on humanitarian needs.

New figures show conflict-related deaths at 28-year high, largely due to Ethiopia and Ukraine wars

​The war in Ethiopia's Tigray region accounted for over 100,000 battle-related deaths in 2022, even more than Russia's invasion of Ukraine which accounted for more than 81,000 deaths, according to new conflict trends data released today.

Interview with Harry Tzimitras, Director - PRIO Cyprus Centre

​"The unfortunate dual calamities hitting Turkey and Greece in the first half of 2023 in the forms of a devastating earthquake and horrendous train crash respectively, revived memories of the summer of 1999, when two major destructive earthquakes hit Istanbul and Athens.

Vacancy: Lead Machine Learning Engineer

PRIO seeks to strengthen its data science competence by inviting applications for a three-year, full-time position as a Lead Machine Learning Engineer.

New report documents over 6,000 civilians killed in 20 months since Myanmar coup – significantly higher than previously reported

​A report released today by the Peace Research Institute Oslo finds that at least 6,000 civilians were killed in the first 20 months following Myanmar's military coup in 2021.

PhD course on Political Regimes

​On 5-7 June PRIO hosted the PhD level course "Political regimes: Developments, Typologies and Consequences" as part of the Norhed II project.

Hassan Aden Successfully Defends His PhD Thesis

​Today, Hassan Aden has defended his PhD thesis at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg.

Ina Lyftingsmo Kristiansen Successfully Defends Master’s Thesis

​Ina Lyftingsmo Kristiansen successfully defended her MA thesis titled «Challenging the Loyalty-Competency Trade-Off in Autocratic Cabinets» on 15 June at the University of Oslo.

PhD Course on International Mediation

The PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict, in collaboration with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, hosted doctoral candidates at the PhD-level course.

Beathe Øgård Successfully defends Master's Thesis

​Beathe Øgård has succesfully defended her thesis "The Spring Revolution in Myanmar - Resisting a Closed Autocracy.

PRIO Awarded New Funding to Research Russian Approaches to Peace Processes

PRIO was awarded new funding this week by the Research Council of Norway for a 3-year project, Russian Approaches to Peace Processes.

Gabriel Lönn Successfully defends Master's Thesis

​Gabriel Lönn has successfully defended his MA thesis 'The Chinese Connection: How Network Ties to Beijing give rise to Autocratisation' at the University of Oslo.

May 2023

Global Forum Strengthening Women’s Inclusion in Peace Processes Marks Tenth Year

​This week, the UN High-Level Seminar on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Strategies celebrates ten years.

Congratulations! INSPIRE Art Award Nominees Announced

​Close to 100 applications from talented artists around the world were received representing 35 countries, showing how many people and places are affected by war, displacement and political violence.

Forecasting Conflict Intensity: Call for Abstracts

​The Violence and Impacts Early-Warning System (VIEWS) team is committed to providing humanitarian groups with the earliest possible warnings to support anticipatory action.

Peace Mediators Discussed Gender-Inclusive Peace Processes during Challenging Time for Women’s Rights

​The 12th UN High-Level Seminar on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Strategies gathered senior peace mediation experts this week, to discuss how to strengthen women's role in peace processes.

Vacancy: Research Assistants

Do you want to work in a leading international research institution with high academic standards and an interdisciplinary environment and contribute to a new and original area of research, developing forecasting systems and tool?

Findings From NORM Project Presented in Malaysia

​In May 2023, the PRIO NORM team headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to conduct fieldwork interviews and meetings with local actors.

Vacancy: Doctoral Researcher

​Do you want to contribute to a new and original area of research and produce knowledge of immediate relevance to policy and planning? Do you want to work closely with a larger interdisciplinary team of researchers studying how societal development can moderate future climate change risks? 

Digital inclusion in peace processes – no silver bullet, but a major opportunity

​Digital inclusion is paving the way for women and other marginalized groups to participate in peace processes.



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