PRIO’s success depends on its people, and it is our ambition to remain an attractive employer for some of the best, most innovative, most productive, most influential people in peace research.

PRIO has an international research staff of approximately 85 members in full and part-time positions, and in addition 15 in administrative and support functions. The working language at the institute is English. PRIO is an equal opportunity employer and values staff diversity.


Vacant positions at PRIO are announced publicly in Norwegian and international newspapers and/or job websites, as well as on this page of the PRIO website and in social media. If you are interested in pursuing a career at PRIO, please keep an eye on this page for any announcements. PRIO endorses open, transparent, merit-based recruitment principles, which you can read about here.

HR Excellence in Research (HRS4R)


Recruitment, working conditions and career development for researchers at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) PRIO has earned the right to use the HR Excellence in Research (HRS4R) logo on the basis of having committed to implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, endorsed in a Declaration submitted first in 2011. The Charter provides a set of general principles and requirements which specifiy the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers as well as of employers and/or funders; while the Code promotes open and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures.

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