Invest in Peace

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Drømmen om Freden [The Dream of Peace] by Henrik Sørensen

Peace research is needed today more than ever. Wars with appalling intensity and magnitude are shaking the stability of multiple parts of our planet, from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to insecurity across Africa's Sahel region, and the conflict in the Middle East. The number of deaths in armed conflict has increased significantly. The human toll of these conflicts has contributed to record numbers of refugees fleeing their homes. Over 100 million women, men and children are on the move today because of conflict and persecution.

Democracy in many corners of the world is under threat. At the same time, we have seen rare popular uprisings in Afghanistan, China and Iran protesting the excesses of oppressive governments. Broader geopolitical shifts are taking place against this backdrop of instability. From climate change to emerging technologies – various factors are influencing the dynamics of conflict, governance and human mobility.

From predicting the places where conflict is likely to break out, to counting the number of people killed on the battlefield, PRIO's world-leading competence informs and explains. We also conduct research on what makes more inclusive societies, including women and children's rights, and mental health.

Our research influences policymaking within international bodies like the United Nations and World Bank, and informs decision-making by governments.

We are committed to the value of science for society. This is why we insist on the importance of conducting excellent and engaged research. Quality and relevance must go hand-in-hand to ensure the integrity of research, and promote facts and evidence in public discourse.

We are also committed to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, with a particular focus on efforts to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies (SDG 16). Accelerated progress is needed to meet the growing challenge of living up to the ambitions laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals, and research has a key role to play as a driver of such progress.

We are a responsible partner for working with research funding and adhere to high ethical standards. Research at PRIO is financed on a project basis by a range of scientific and policy-oriented funders. The institute is an independent foundation, international in its orientation, with an extensive network of collaborators worldwide. We have a truly global reach, conducting research across dozens of countries, including in the Global South.

By partnering with PRIO you will help us conduct the research needed to tackle the global challenges which undermine peace. Join us and invest in peace to create a more peaceful world.