PRIO is committed to making our research data publically available. You can find replication data and datasets from various PRIO projects and publications by following the links below.

Original Datasets

1800-2018: 30 datasets

PRIO Battledeaths Dataset

A dataset on battle deaths (number of soldiers and civilians killed in combat) in state-based armed conflicts for the period 1946–2008.

NISAT Database on Small Arms Trade

The Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers (NISAT) provides an extensive file collection and database on the legal and illegal trade in small arms and light weapons.

Onset and Duration of Intrastate Conflict

An extension of the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict data providing new and more precise data on the timing of conflict onsets and duration.

UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset

A dataset of armed conflicts, both internal and external, in the period 1946 to 2008.

Conflict Site Dataset

An extension to the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflicts Dataset that provides coordinates and spatial extents yearly for each conflict.

Urban Social Disorder (USD) Dataset

Dataset on urban ‘social disorder’ events occurring in capitals and other major cities of the developing world.


Early version of the ACLED conflict event dataset.


The GEO-SVAC dataset extends the UCDP GED geocoded conflict event dataset with information about the actors' reported use of sexual violence.


The PRIO-GRID dataset is a spatio-temporal grid structure that contains socioeconomic and environmental information about all terrestrial areas of the world.


The diamonds dataset offers a comprehensive list of all known diamond deposits throughout the world.


The petroleum datasets contain information on all known oil and gas deposits throughout the world.

Shared River Basin Dataset

A dataset with information on shared rivers and river basins between pairs of states.

The Boundary Dataset

The Boundary Dataset contains measurements of all international boundary lengths between members of the international system and their changes.

Minimum Distance Database

The minimum-distance database records the minimum distances for all polities in the Gleditsch-Ward country list.

Ethnic, Linguistic, and Religious Fractionalization Data

Country-level data on ethnic, linguistic, religious composition and fractionalization.

Expanded Trade, GDP, and Population Data

These data provide historical estimates of trade flows, GDP, and population of independent states.

MIRPS Dataset

Extends the Polity data with an alternative measure for participation and a new SIP democracy index.

Polity 3D

The POLITY3D dataset was collected using the POLITY3 data as a baseline, but added to that specific dating information about each polity change to allow for better temporal calibration with other datasets.

Polyarchy Index of Democracy

A dataset on democracy and participation compiled by Tatu Vanhanen, emeritus professor at the University of Tampere and at the University of Helsinki.

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict (SVAC) Dataset

A dataset on the use of sexual violence by conflict actors.

Women Peace and Security (WPS) Index

The WPS Index is a regularly updated index that ranks and collects data on the state of women's wellbeing in countries across the world.

The Natural Resource Conflict Dataset

The Natural Resource Conflict Dataset code whether internal armed conflicts are clearly linked to natural resources.


A dataset on coca bush, opium poppy, and cannabis cultivation locations throughout the world.


A dataset on gemstone deposits throughout the world.

Water-Related Intrastate Conflict and Cooperation (WARICC)

Subnational and georeferenced events over domestic water-related cooperation and conflict for the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Sahel.

Post-Conflict Justice (PCJ) Dataset

Provides an overview of if, where, and how post-conflict countries address the wrongdoings committed in association with previous armed conflict.

Institutional Variance Dataset

A dataset with annual classifications of governmental institutions along three dimension.

Religious Cleavages Dataset

A dataset of the religious dimensions of conflicts, 1946-2004.

Location of Armed Conflict Onset Dataset (LACOD)

Dataset on the locations within a country where internal armed conflicts initially break out, 1946-2008

PRIO Conflict Recurrence Database

The PRIO Conflict Recurrence Database expands and deepens our understanding of when, where and under what conditions armed conflicts persist and recur.


1800 - 2018



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