The PRIO Library

Our library was established in the 1960s, primarily to meet the needs of the institute's researchers. It currently holds a collection of approximately 30,000 book volumes. The main fields covered are peace research, conflict studies, security issues, disarmament, development studies, international law pertaining to armed conflict, and international affairs. The holdings include extensive Johan Galtung and Mahatma Gandhi collections. In addition, the library receives approximately 430 journals on a regular basis.


Outside visitors are welcome, but should email the library in advance. Books may be borrowed by external readers with permanent addresses in Norway, or you can have an interlibrary loan arranged through your home institution's library. Photocopies of articles can be provided at NOK 3,- per page. The library database is not searchable from outside PRIO, but you may consult Biblioteksøk for books (not perfectly reliable, not all our holdings will be listed) or SAMPER for journals (should be fairly accurate).

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 14:00.


The library is located at PRIO HQ, Hausmanns gate 3, in the city centre of Oslo.  For postal address, see our main contact page. Please mark letters or packages clearly with "Library".


Librarian Olga Baeva can be reached by email at

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