Researchers at PRIO publish in a large number of academic journals, book series and newspapers. See the Publication archive for all our publications.

PRIO also publishes policy briefs, papers and reports that are available online, and at the PRIO blog you can find commentary on current events by both PRIO researchers and guest bloggers.

Recent Publications

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (2024)
The AI Dilemma: Can Artificial Images of War and Suffering Stir Empathy?

Popular article in Global Policy Opinion

Casper Sakstrup & Henrikas Bartusevičius (2024)
Group-Based Injustice, but Not Group-Based Economic Inequality, Predicts Political Violence Across 18 African Countries

Journal article in Social Psychological and Personality Science

Kendra Dupuy, Carl Bruch & Tracy Stein (2024)
Preventing a “Green Curse” in Africa: Mitigating Conflict Risks in Renewable Energy and Mining Projects and Sectors

PRIO Policy Brief

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Dismissal, Dissuasion and Deterrence: Optimizing Responses to Putin's Brinksmanship

Popular article in Panorama UIK

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Long war drives Putin's cadre reshuffling

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Fuzel Shaik & Mourad Oussalah (2024)
On mining mobile emergency communication applications in Nordic countries

Journal article in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Pinar Tank (2024)
Turkey’s Aspirations in Africa: Soft Power as a Tool for Geopolitical Positioning

MidEast Policy Brief

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Nuclear Brinksmanship in Putin's War: Upping the Ante

Talbott Papers

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Week of ceremonies mark a wobbly start for Putin's new presidential term

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Karen Liao et al. (2024)
Middle Classes, Moving and Staying in Metro Manila

PRIO Paper

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
China evaluates partnership with Russia

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Louise Olsson & Birthe Einen (2024)
The Nordics in NATO: Women, Peace and Security and Regional Defense

GPS Policy Brief

Ida Rudolfsen et al. (2024)
War and food insecurity in Ukraine

Journal article in World Development

Vidur Chopra et al. (2023)
Creating educational borderlands: Civic learning in a Syrian school in Lebanon

Journal article in Journal of Refugee Studies

Salem Hiba & Sarah Dryden-Peterson (2022)
Protection in Refugee Education: Teachers' Socio‐Political Practices in Classrooms in Jordan

Journal article in Anthropology and Education Quarterly

Sarah Dryden-Peterson (2022)
Right Where We Belong: How Refugee Teachers and Students Are Remaking the Future


Sarah Dryden-Peterson (2020)
Civic education and the education of refugee students

Journal article in Intercultural Education

Emmanuel Viga & Hilde Refstie (2024)
Unsettling humanitarian binaries: Civic humanitarianism and relational aid among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Journal article in Geoforum

Emmanuel Viga et al. (2024)
Engaging with the Humanitarian Localisation Agenda from ‘Below’ in Uganda

PRIO Policy Brief

Katarzyna Grabska & Marina de Regt (2024)
Adolescent Girls' Migration in the Global South: Moving Into Adulthood

Book chapter in The Routledge Companion to Girls’ Studies

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