Researchers at PRIO publish in a large number of academic journals, book series and newspapers. See the Publication Archive for all our publications.

PRIO also publishes Policy Briefs, Papers and Reports that are available online, and at the PRIO blog you can find commentary on current events by both PRIO researchers and guest bloggers.

Recent Publications

Bruno Oliveira Martins & Daniel Pinéu (2023)
Segurança e Geoestratégia

Book Chapter in O Essencial da Política Portuguesa

Anna Marie Obermeier & Siri Aas Rustad (2023)
Conflict Trends: A Global Overview, 1946–2022

PRIO Paper

Nicholas Marsh, Giacomo Bruni & Ilaria Carrozza (2023)
Shaping the Digital Architecture: Contested Norms on Digital Technology in Southeast Asia

PRIO Policy Brief

Andra MongMao & Marte Nilsen (2023)
Myanmar’s Interrupted Transition: The Democratic Instinct Survives

PRIO Policy Brief

Ahmed Mohamed Musa, Cindy Horst & Hassan Aden (2023)
Transitioning Somalia to Direct Elections: Lessons from Somaliland and Puntland

PRIO Paper

Louise Olsson (2023)
Gender and Political Violence in Peace and Conflict Research

Book Chapter in Gender and Violence against Political Actors

Pavel K. Baev, Dmitry Gorenburg & Marc Galeotti (2023)
Alternative Ukrainian futere trajectories: Implications for Russia and the West

Journal Article in Per Concordiam

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
Three Russian discourses and significant silence on the war in Ukraine

Popular Article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Júlia Palik & Gudrun Østby (2023)
Interventions to improve refugee children’s access to education and quality learning: A scoping review of existing impact evaluations

Journal Article in International Review of Education

Harry Tzimitras (2023)
Ο Ερντογάν δεν αποτελεί τη χειρότερη εξέλιξη

Popular Article in To Vima

Mete Hatay & Ipek Borman (2023)
Earthquake Politics: A Reflection on Aftershocks in Cyprus

PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief

Jørgen Jensehaugen (2023)
Israel and the Abraham Accords: A Failed Expansion

MidEast Policy Brief

Kelly Fisher (2023)
Moving masculinities: Polish migrants in Norway navigating transnational gender hierarchies

Journal Article in NORMA International Journal for Masculinity Studies

Mathias Czaika, Marta Bivand Erdal & Cathrine Talleraas (2023)
Exploring Europe’s external migration policy mix: on the interactions of visa, readmission, and resettlement policies

Journal Article in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
Summit in Hiroshima charts ending for war in Ukraine

Popular Article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Camille Bedock, Simon Otjes, Volker Best & Manes Weisskircher (2023)
A policy like no other? The populist radical right challenge in the field of democracy reform

Journal Article in Party Politics

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
Central Asian leaders opted to attend curtailed parade in Moscow

Popular Article in Panorama UIK

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
Muted V-Day celebrations in Russia amid disastrous war

Popular Article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
The demand for US leadership outpaces resentment agaisnt it

Popular Article in Panorama UIK

Pavel K. Baev (2023)
Political games abound over Ukraine's coming offensive

Popular Article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

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