Researchers at PRIO publish in a large number of academic journals, book series and newspapers. See the Publication archive for all our publications.

PRIO also publishes policy briefs, papers and reports that are available online, and at the PRIO blog you can find commentary on current events by both PRIO researchers and guest bloggers.

Recent Publications

Ahmed M. Musa & Cindy Horst (2024)
Accountability through Technology in Somali Collective Crisis Response

PRIO Policy Brief

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Five shifts in the balance of war in Ukraine's favor

Popular article in Panorama UIK

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Russian economy feels bite of attrition

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Jørgen Jensehaugen (2024)
De underkommuniserte drapene på journalister og FN-arbeidere i Gaza

Popular article in Panorama Nyheter

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Russia's vision for dominance in the Middle East suffers under conflict

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Jørgen Jensehaugen & Kjersti G. Berg (2024)
Skuffende om Unrwa i Aftenposten

Popular article in Aftenposten

Niels Ike et al. (2024)
Should the EU give up on readmission agreements as a foreign policy tool?

MIGNEX Policy Brief

Sven Gunnar Simonsen (1997)

Book chapter in Conflicts in the OSCE Area

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Russian siren song of peace and Baltic warnings of war

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Hassan Aden & Ahmed M. Musa (2023)
Re-thinking Somalia’s Stabilisation in Liberated Areas

PRIO Policy Brief

Simon Reid-Henry & Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (2024)
Ingen motsetning mellom solidaritet og egeninteresser

Popular article in Panorama nyheter

August Cole et al. (2024)
Artificial Intelligence in Military Planning and Operations

PRIO Paper

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Russia held hostage to Putin's crime of aggression

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Balance of war in Ukraine set to shift, not in Russia's favor

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Ukraine's resilience and Russia's indifference shape their strategies for 2024

Popular article in ISPI Commentary

Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (2024)
Judiciary Institutions and Violent Crime in American Indian Nations

Journal article in Governance

Halvard Buhaug & Jonas Vestby (2024)
Before the flood: Lessons from attempts to predict displacement

Popular article in New Security Beat

Kristin M. Bakke, Kit Rickard & John O'Loughlin (2024)
Perceptions of the past in the post-Soviet space

Journal article in Post-Soviet Affairs

Pavel K. Baev (2024)
Russia enters third year of war diminished, degraded and joyless

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Jonas Vestby et al. (2024)
Societal determinants of flood-induced displacement

Journal article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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