Successful Doctoral Defence by María Hernández-Carretero ​


29 January 2016

Successful Doctoral Defence by María Hernández-Carretero  ​
​​​​Today, Friday 29 January, Maria Hernandez-Carretero has successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo: Leaving to belong: migration, transnational connectedness and social becoming.


  1. Prof. Hein de Haas, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam
  2. Ass. Prof. Bruno Riccio, Department of Educational Studies, University of Bologna​


Ass. Prof. Anniken Hagelund, Inst. of sociology and human geography, Universitetet of Oslo

​Leader of Defence:

Prof. Marianne Nordli Hansen, Institute of sociology and human geography, Universitetet of Oslo​


  • Professor Katrine Fangen, Institute of sociology and human geography, Universitetet of Oslo​
  • Jørgen Carling, Research Professor, PRIO​

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