Paul F. Diehl

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Tir, Jaroslav; & Diehl, Paul F. (1998) Demographic Pressure and Interstate Conflict: Linking Population Growth and Density to Militarized Disputes and Wars, 1930-89 , Journal of Peace Research 35(3): 319–339.
Diehl, Paul F.; & Crescenzi, Mark J. (1998) Reconfiguring the Arms Race-War Debate , Journal of Peace Research 35(1): 111–118.
Diehl, Paul F. (1998) Environmental Conflict: An Introduction , Journal of Peace Research 35(3): 275–277.
Diehl, Paul F. (1992) What Are They Fighting For?: The Importance of Issues in International Conflict Research , Journal of Peace Research 29(3): .
Diehl, Paul F.; & Raemdonck, Dirk C. van (1989) After the Shooting Stops: Insights on Postwar Economic Growth , Journal of Peace Research 26(3): 249–264.
Nindi, B. C.; & Diehl, Paul F. (1985) Armaments Without War: An Analysis of Some Underlying Effects , Journal of Peace Research 22(3): 249–259.
Diehl, Paul F. (1983) Arms Races and Escalation: A Closer Look , Journal of Peace Research 20(3): 205–212.

Book Chapter

Gleditsch, Nils Petter; & Diehl, Paul F.(2001) Controversies and Questions Environmental Conflict. : (1–9).

Edited Volume

Diehl, Paul F.; & Nils Petter Gleditsch, eds, (2001) Environmental Conflict. Oxford.