Steven J. Brams

Professor, Department of Politics, New York University


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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Klamler, Christian;Jones, Michael A.; & Brams, Steven J. (2006) Better Ways to Cut a Cake , Notices of the American Mathematical Society 53(11): 1314–1321.
Ramirez, Shawn Ling;Mutlu, Hande; & Brams, Steven J. (2006) Influence in Terrorist Networks: From Undirected to Directed Graphs , Studies In Conflict & Terrorism 29(7): 679–694.
Brams, Steven J.;Edelman, Paul H.; & Fishburn, Peter C. (2003) Fair Division of Indivisible Items , Theory and Decision 55(2): 147–180.
Brams, Steven J.;Kilgour, D. Marc;Fichtner, John; & Avenhaus, Rudolf (1989) The Probability of Nuclear War , Journal of Peace Research 26(1): 91–99.
Brams, Steven J. (1968) A Note on the Cosmopolitanism of World Regions , Journal of Peace Research 5(1): 87–95.

Book Chapter

Brams, Steven J.(2006) Fair Division Oxford Handbook of Political Economy. : (425–437).