Charles W. Kegley

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Kegley, Charles W.; & Hermann, Margaret G. (2001) Democracies and Intervention: Is There a Danger Zone in the Democratic Peace? , Journal of Peace Research 38(2): 237–245.
Hermann, Margaret G.; & Kegley, Charles W. (1996) How Democracies Use Intervention: A Neglected Dimension in Studies of the Democratic Peace , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 309–322.
Kegley, Charles W. (1989) The Long Cycle of Global War and the Transformation of Alliance Norms , Journal of Peace Research 26(3): 265–284.
Kegley, Charles W.; & Raymond, Gregory A. (1986) Normative Constraints on the Use of Force Short of War , Journal of Peace Research 23(3): 213–227.