Knud S. Larsen

Knud S. Larsen left PRIO in 1970. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Knud S. Larsen worked at PRIO 1969-70, and was involved in the project Images of the World in the Year 2000.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Russinova, Zlatka; György Csepeli; David H. Groberg; Reidar Ommundsen; Knud S. Larsen; Krum Krumov; Ludmilla Andrejeva & Nadia Kashlekeva (1995) Ideology and Identity: A National Outlook, Journal of Peace Research 32(2): 165–179.
Dann, Hanns-Dietrich; Robert Elder; Reidar Ommundsen; Knud S. Larsen; György Csepeli; Howard Giles & Ed C. J. Long (1988) Attitudes Toward Nuclear Disarmament: International Comparisons of University Students and Activists, Journal of Peace Research 25(3): 265–271.
Larsen, Knud S. (1986) The Social Psychology of Military Technology, Journal of Peace Research 23(4): 391–398.
Schwendiman, Gary & Knud S. Larsen (1970) Perceived Aggression Training as a Predictor of Two Assessments of Authoritarianism, Journal of Peace Research 7(1): 69–71.
Larsen, Knud S.; David V. Stimpson & Gary Schwendiman (1969) Change in Attitude Towards Negroes Resulting from Exposure to Congruent and Non-congruent Attitudinal Objects, Journal of Peace Research 6(2): 157–161.