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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Richmond, Oliver P. (2009) A Post-liberal Peace: Eirenism and the Everyday, Review of International Studies 35: 557–580.
Constantinou, Costas M.; & Richmond, Oliver P. (2005) The Long Mile of Empire: Power, Legitimation and the U.K. Bases in Cyprus, Mediterranean Politics10(1): 65–84.
Richmond, Oliver P. (1998) Devious Objectives and the Disputants' View of International Mediation: A Theoretical Framework , Journal of Peace Research 35(6): 707–722.

Book Chapter

Tadjbakhsh, Shahrbanou; & Richmond, Oliver P.(2011) Conclusion: Typologies and Modifications Proposed by Critical Approaches Rethinking the Liberal Peace: External Models and Local Alternatives. : (221–241).

Edited Volume

Constantinou, Costas M.; Oliver P. Richmond; & Alison Watson, eds, (2008) Cultures and Politics of Global Communication. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Review of International Studies.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Lidén, Kristoffer; Roger Mac Ginty & Oliver P. Richmond (2009) Introduction: Beyond Northern Epistemologies of Peace: Peacebuilding Reconstructed?, International Peacekeeping 16(5): 587–598.

PRIO Policy Brief

Vogel, Birte & Oliver P. Richmond (2013) Enabling civil society in conflict resolution, CORE Policy Brief, 2. Oslo: PRIO.