S. Mansoob Murshed

Professor of the Economics of Conflict and Peace, Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands


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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Østby, Gudrun; Henrik Urdal; Zulfan Tadjoeddin; S. Mansoob Murshed; & Håvard Strand (2011) Population Pressure, Horizontal Inequalities and Political Violence: A Disaggregated Study of Indonesian Provinces, 1990-2003, Journal of Development Studies 47(3): 377–398.
Gates, Scott; & Murshed, S. Mansoob (2005) Spatial–Horizontal Inequality and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal , Review of Development Economics 9(1): 121–134.
Murshed, S. Mansoob; & Addison, Tony (2003) Debt Relief and Civil War , Journal of Peace Research 40(2): .

Book Chapter

Murshed, S. Mansoob; & Addison, Tony(2006) The Social Contract and Violent Conflict Civil War, Civil Peace. : (137–163).
Gates, Scott; & Murshed, S. Mansoob(2006) Spatial Horizontal Inequality and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal Spatial Disparities In Human Development. : .

Report - External Series

Murshed, S. Mansoob (2004) When Do Natural Resource Abundance Lead to a Resource Curse, IIED-EEP Working Paper, : .