Helge Brunborg

Researcher at Statistics Norway

Email: hbr@ssb.no

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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Lyngstad, Torkild Hovde;Brunborg, Helge; & Urdal, Henrik (2003) Accounting for Genocide: How Many Were Killed in Srebrenica? , European Journal of Population 19(3): 229–248.

Book Chapter

Tabeau, Ewa;Urdal, Henrik; & Brunborg, Helge(2006) Introduction The Demography of Armed Conflict. : (1–16).

Edited Volume

Tabeau, Ewa; Henrik Urdal; & Helge Brunborg, eds, (2006) The Demography of Armed Conflict. Berlin. International Studies in Population .

Non-refereed Journal Article

Brunborg, Helge; & Urdal, Henrik (2005) The Demography of Conflict and Violence: An Introduction , Journal of Peace Research 42(4): 371–374.

Report - Other

Lacina, Bethany Ann; & Brunborg, Helge (2004) Demography of Conflict and Violence, report on seminar organized by the IUSSP Working Group, : .