Aysegul Aydin

PhD student, Binghamton University

Aysegul Aydin
Aysegul Aydin is an External Associate at PRIO.


Languages spoken:

English, Turkish, learning Norwegian


• Ph.D., Political Science, Binghamton University, Spring 2006 (expected).
• ICPSR Summer Program, Advanced Maximum Likelihood Estimation, University of Michigan, 2004.
• M.A., Political Science, Binghamton University, June 2004, GPA, 3.945.
• Comprehensive Exam Fields; World Politics and Comparative Politics.
• M.A., Political Science, Bogazici University, 1999.
• B.A., Law, Istanbul University, 1995.

At PRIO 2004-2005 as research assistant to Patrick Regan.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Regan, Patrick M. & Aysegul Aydin (2005) Diplomacy and Other Forms of Intervention in Civil Wars, Journal of Conflict Resolution 50(5): 736–756.

PhD Thesis

Aydin, Aysegul (2006) A Liberal Theory of Third-Party Intervention in Interstate Disputes. PhD thesis, Department of Political Science, Binghamton University, New York.

Book Chapter

Aydin, Aysegul & Scott Gates (2008) Rulers as Mass Murderers: Political Institutions and Human Insecurity, in Saideman, Stephen M.; & Marie-Joëlle Zahar, eds, Intra-State Conflict, Governments and Security: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Assurance. London: Routledge (72–95).

Conference Paper

Gates, Scott & Aysegul Aydin (2008) From Repression to Genocide: Why Would a Leader Ever Commit Mass Murder?, presented at 49th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, CA, 26–29 March.
Gates, Scott; & Aydin, Aysegul 2007 Why Do Rulers Commit Mass Murder? The Microfoundations of Human Insecurity, presented at the 48th Annual Metting of the International Studies Association, , 28 February–3 March.
Gates, Scott & Aysegul Aydin (2006) Rulers as Mass Murderers: Political Institutions and Human Insecurity, presented at the 47th Annual Conference of the International Studies Association (ISA), San Diego, CA, 22–25 March.