Kyle Beardsley

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Emory University


Guest researcher at CSCW summer of 2005

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Beardsley, Kyle; David Cunningham & Peter B. White (2015) Resolving Civil Wars before They Start: The UN Security Council and Conflict Prevention in Self-Determination Disputes, British Journal of Political Science. DOI: 10.1017/S0007123415000307: 1–23.
Beardsley, Kyle; Kristian Skrede Gleditsch & Nigel Lo (2015) Roving Bandits? The Geographical Evolution of African Armed Conflicts, International Studies Quarterly 59(3): 503–516.
Beardsley, Kyle & Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (2015) Peacekeeping as Conflict Containment, International Studies Review 17(1): 67–89.
Beardsley, Kyle;Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede; & Beck, Nathaniel (2006) Space is more than Geography: Using Spatial Econometrics in the Study of Political Economy , International Studies Quarterly 50(1): 27–44.
Beardsley, Kyle;Biswas, Bidisha;Wilkenfeld, Jonathan; & Quinn, David (2006) Mediation Style and Crisis Outcomes , Journal of Conflict Resolution 50(1): 58–86.
Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede & Kyle Beardsley (2004) Nosy Neighbors - Third-party Actors in Central American Conflicts, Journal of Conflict Resolution 48(3): 379–402.

Book Chapter

Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede & Kyle Beardsley (2010) Core Issues in International Data Collection, in Diehl, Paul F.; & James D. Morrow, eds, International Studies Encyclopedia, Volume on Scientific Study of International Processes. New York: .

Conference Paper

Beardsley, Kyle; & Asal, Victor 2006 Using Nuclear Weapons without Using Them, presented at the Meeting of the NSF IGERT Public Policy and Threats Program, , 2–5 February.

PRIO Policy Brief

Beardsley, Kyle; David Cunningham & Peter B. White (2016) The United Nations and Conflict Prevention, PRIO Policy Brief, 17. Oslo: PRIO.