J. 'Bayo Adekanye


J. 'Bayo Adekanye left PRIO in 1997. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Working experience:

1994-97: Researcher at PRIO
1998: External Consultant at PRIO

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1998) Power-Sharing in Multi-Ethnic Political Systems , Security Dialogue 29(1): 25–36.
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1997) Review Essay: Arms and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies , Journal of Peace Research 34(3): 359–366.
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1997) Norwegian Church Aid's Humanitarian and Peace-Making Work in Mali , Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1997) Arms and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies, Journal of Peace Research 34(3): 359–366.

Book Chapter

Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1997) Interactions of Ethnicity, Economy, and Configuration of Society in Separatist Movements in Africa, in Separatism: Culture Counts, Resources Decide. .
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1997) The Military, in Transition Without End: Nigerian Politics and Civil Society Under Babangida. .
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1996) Dynamics of Ethnic Conflicts in Africa, in Causes of Conflict In the Third World. .
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1996) Gjeld, demokratisering og konflikt - tilfellet Nigeria, in Afrika Årbok 96/97. (147–170).
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1994) Military Dimensions of Africa's Debt and Adjustment Problems, in Afrika - Mellom Konflikter Og Utvikling. .

Non-refereed Journal Article

Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1996) Rwanda/Burundi: 'Uni-Ethnic' Dominance and The Cycle of Armed Ethnic Formations, Social Identities 2(1): 37–71.
Adekanye, J. 'Bayo (1995) Structural Adjustment, Democratisation and Rising Ethnic Tensions in Africa, Development and Change 26(2): 355–374.