Kumar Rupesinghe


Kumar Rupesinghe
Kumar Rupesinghe left PRIO in 1992. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Kumar Rupesinghe was a researcher at PRIO 1982-1992.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Rupesinghe, Kumar (1995) Preventive Diplomacy, Security Dialogue 26(1): 112–114.
Rupesinghe, Kumar (1988) Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia: The Case of Sri Lanka and the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IKPF), Journal of Peace Research 25(4): 337–350.

Book Chapter

Rupesinghe, Kumar (1996) Governance and conflict resolution in multi-ethnic societies, in Ethnicity and Power in the Contemporary World. Tokyo-New York-Paris: .
Rupesinghe, Kumar (1992) Forms of Violence and its Transformation, in The Culture of Violence. Tokyo: .
Rupesinghe, Kumar (1992) Governance and Conflict Resolution in Multi-Ethnic Societies, in Ethnicity, Autonomy and the Devolution of Power. .
Rupesinghe, Kumar (1992) Democracy, a Driving Force in Development, in Development Cooperation and Processes Towards Democracy. Åbo: (12–23).

Edited Volume

Rupesinghe, Kumar (ed.) (1995) Ethnicity and Power in the Contemporary World. Tokyo.
Rupesinghe, Kumar (ed.) (1992) Internal Conflict and Governance. London.
Rupesinghe, Kumar; & Michiko Kuroda, eds, (1992) Early Warning and Conflict Resolution. London.
King, Peter; Olga Vorkunova; & Kumar Rupesinghe, eds, (1992) Ethnicity and Conflict in a Post-Communist World. London.