Simon Schwartzman

Research Fellow

Simon Schwartzman left PRIO in 1966. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Simon Schwartzman had his background from the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLASCO) when he arrived at PRIO in 1964, following a military coup in his homeland, Brazil. While at PRIO, he studied issues of international networks and international stratification.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Schwartzman, Simon & Manuel Mora y Araujo (1966) The Images of International Stratification in Latin America, Journal of Peace Research 3(3): 225–243.
Galtung, Johan; Simon Schwartzman & Manuel Mora y Araujo (1966) El sistema latino-americano de naciones: un analysis estructural [The Latin American System of Nations: A structural analysis], America Latina(1): 59–94.


Book Chapter

Galtung, Johan; Manuel Mora y Araujo & Simon Schwartzman (1972) The Latin American System of Nations: A Structural Analysis, in Conflict Control and Conflict Resolution. Copenhagen: Munksgaard.