Valery Tishkov


Valery Tishkov left PRIO in 1997. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Tishkov, Valery (1997) Political Anthropology of the Chechen War, Security Dialogue 28(4): 425–437.
Tishkov, Valery (1995) What is Russia? Prospects for Nation-Building, Security Dialogue 26(1): 44–54.

Book Chapter

Tishkov, Valery (1996) Nationalities in post-Soviet global changes, in Lourdes Arizpe, ed., The Cultural Dimensions of Global Change: an Anthropological Approach. Paris: Unesco Publishing (155–177).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Post-Soviet Nationalism, in Caplan, Richard; & John Feffer, eds, Europe's New Nationalism. States and Minorities In Conflict. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press (23–41).
Tishkov, Valery (1995) The Russians in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, in Yaacov Ro'i, ed., Muslim Eurasia: Conflicting Legacies. London: Routledge (289–310).

PRIO Report

Tishkov, Valery (1996) Explaining and Categorizing the Chechen War, PRIO Report, 3. Oslo: PRIO.