Stian Johansen Tiller

MA Student

Stian Johansen Tiller
Stian Johansen Tiller left PRIO in 2009. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

The peace effort of the Palestine Conciliation Commission,  1949-1951. Why was the PCC unsuccessful in negotiating a peace settlement between Israel and the Arab states? What was the influence and position of the PCC during the negotiations, and how did this affect the outcome?

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Tiller, Stian Johansen & Hilde Henriksen Waage (2011) Powerful State, Powerless Mediator: The United States and the Peace Efforts of the Palestine Conciliation Commission, 1949–51, International History Review 33(3): 501–524.
Tiller, Stian Johansen (2009) Motvillige forhandlingspartnere? Araberstatene og forhandlingene om det palestinske flyktningproblemet i 1949 [Reluctant Negotiation Partners? The Arab States and the Negotiations on the Palestinian Refugee Problem in 1949], Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier 7(1): 22–33.

Popular Article

Tiller, Stian Johansen (2009) Fanget av opinionen [Caught by the Public Opinion], Ny Tid, 21 August.

Master Thesis

Tiller, Stian Johansen (2009) Defending the UN Agenda: The Peace Effort of the Palestine Conciliation Commission, 1949-1951. MA thesis, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), University of Oslo, .