Matt Schroeder

Matt Schroeder is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Grzybowski, Janis; Nicholas Marsh & Matt Schroeder (2012) Piece by Piece Authorized Transfers of Parts and Accessories, in Glenn MacDonald, ed., Small Arms Survey 2012: Moving Targets. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (240–281).
Herron, Patrick; Matt Schroeder ; Jasna Lazarevic & Nicholas Marsh (2011) Larger but Less Known: Authorized Light Weapons Transfers, in The Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (8–41).
Marsh, Nicholas; Patrick Herron ; Matt Schroeder & Jasna Lazarevic (2010) Emerging From Obscurity: The Global Ammunition Trade, in Eric G. Berman, ed., Small Arms Survey 2010 Gangs Groups and Guns. Cambridge : Cambridge (7–39).
Dreyfus, Pablo; Nicholas Marsh; Matt Schroeder & Jasna Lazarevic (2009) Sifting the Sources Authorized Small Arms Transfers, in Eric G. Berman, ed., Small Arms Survey 2009 Shadows of War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (6–59).