Russia in Search of a New Role in the Middle East

Led by Pavel K. Baev
Sep 2014 -

​The purpose of the project is:

  • ​To examine the impact of Russia's policy on the transformation of the Syrian civil war and its spill-over into Iraq;
  • To follow the trajectory of the Russian-Turkish strategic partnership insofar as it is relevant for the policy-making towards the Midlle East;
  • To look into the possible developments in the Russian-Iranian relations, particularly in the context of the six-party talks;
  • To investigate the influence of Russia's energy-related interests on the fluctuations of its political course in the Middle East.

Research Groups


Book Chapter

Baev, Pavel K. (2016) Future approaches to the Greater Middle East, in Hiski Haukkala, ed., Russian Futures: Horizon 2025. Paris: EU ISS (LV-LXI).

Popular Article

Baev, Pavel K. (2016) Latest Kerry-Lavrov Deal on Syria Destined to Unravel, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 12 September.

PRIO Policy Brief

Baev, Pavel K. (2015) Partnership of Contrarians, PRIO Policy Brief, 2. Oslo: PRIO.